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Getting married and dating is two different things. While there are people that will feel okay getting married to any religion, there are people that can't marry someone older than them. What do you think about marrying someone older than you? 
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If men older then me it's okey. :) And if age difference is few years I think it is also ok. The older you getting , the less you feel the difference in age

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I think for women it is the preferred option. It seems customary in the UK for the man to be a couple of years older although there are marriages where the woman is older and these days no one thinks much of it.

I have dated men younger than myself and generally find that although the age gap might not be a problem at first it does matter in the end. Dating someone your own age or just a couple of years either side is fine because you grew up at the same time and have the same memories, There's nothing worse than a partner not knowing what you are talking about because they are too young to remember something that happened in the past.

I also think that women who marry men old enough to be their father can cause problems. I have a friend who married a man 25 years older than herself and it failed very quickly because he wanted a completely different lifestyle to her. She longed to go out and party while he had done all that and wanted a quiet life. There are many things to be considered if you are thinking of marrying someone where there is a large age gap.
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Actually, getting married to someone older than I am is ideal for me. I think it is so for majority of ladies. Most ladies, I would say 90 percent do not want to look older than their partners. Our society puts men as the lead in marriage so it is expected that a man should be older and mature enough too.

I know it is the opposite with males although there are some exceptions. Most males I know frown at the idea of marrying someone older than they are. They feel there would not be a certain level of respect in the marriage. Even the rest of society will keep making snide remarks. All of this puts the man in a position where his ego is hurt especially if the woman is completely independent.

I feel like if there's love, respect and understanding between two people, age should not be a problem. Marriage is not a class for age and ranks and status. It is for two souls to unite as one.
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I have never gave this a thought whenever I thought of dating because I believe one age is inconsequential in a relationship or marrisge. I can marry anyone of any age provided we are compatible. In my years of marriage I have come to realize that what break down marriages is individual indifferences like ego, pride, finances, infidelity etc than age related issues.

A person that wants to be good will be irrespective of age differences.i take example from some teenagers that can be very stubborn and disobedient to the elders,while some olders one become more respectful. So one can be older than one and behave better in marriage but a younger one will just be misbehaving. So I can marry an older partner without thinking twice about it.
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Marriage is the legal union between two people who saw themselves, loved themselves and wish to commit themselves together as husband and wife in order to start up their own new family. This is exactly what I have known marriage to be of from day one, it was never said to be a union between two people of the same age or people with different age variations. This proves that literally marriage have nothing to do with someone's age, so in essence two people who are of the same age can get married together and those of different age can also get married and live together as husband and wife. All that matters is that both the couples found love between themselves and wish to live out their lives together as husband and wife with the possibility of having their own kids. So, to answer your question, I can definitely marry someone who is older than myself.

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