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Introverts are people that don't talk much and always want to be alone. What tips will you suggest to them on how to improve their social life? 
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I am introvert when I was in my teenage,  like I walk looking all time on the ground and when someone calls me, I own bother turning my heads, eventually my personal develops in time when I started to go to college. So, a person how is introvert needed more people to support there to talk to, and to hang out with to gain more confidence.

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In as much as some people love to spend time alone like me,I think we shouldn't take it to the extreme.introverts should always find a common ground and try to live a balanced life and this is what I try to do. I still try to socialize despite the fact I enjoy my solitude life but I mingle alot too.

An introvert should try to leave the confide of the home at least once a week to events to meet people and try to let out steam.

Even online can chat up people intermittently even inbetween work to ease stress.

In a gathering one should try to speak up or out if need be and don't just be a listener alone.

Hang out with friends,it either one go over or bring over friends to have some good time with them

Basically,one should just kill the phobia of hating crowd or coming in contact with people as an introvert.
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If you're an introvert, then you'd understand how almost impossible it is to socialize more than already done, talk much of taking tips to improve on social behaviors. This is because most of the recommendations i've come across as tips on the said subject involves everything disliked by an introvert. That there is the major problem why it almost won't work.

Regular physical engagements like group outings and others are red flags for introverts. It is in their nature and not much can be exercise to undo such character or personality, correct me if am wrong, as they say, change is constant

The only possible way for an introvert to engage more in social activities is by doing so anonymously or behind the cover of some device, like am doing right now on answeree. Using this model, an introvert feels more relaxed as there's no prying eyes to cause any physically unnerve. But to what good is being social without physical contact? Anyways, that's what the world is gradually turning into. 

Technology and today's social media is slowly turning the world into one big introverted community. 

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First off, I don't think that it is something that's much of a problem. Not everyone likes to talk much. There are plenty that are much more expressive in writing or other crafts. This is just to say that not everyone must be a talkative that likes to socialize all the time. I don't see any problem with the introverts as long as they are not shy and timid with social anxiety.
If an introvert really wants to improve their personality like you said, they can always make a conscious effort to interact more with the people around them. "conscious" because that is not in their nature. Go out once in while, join groups, go for seminars and conferences and get into healthy discussions. They can take it one step at a time and always remember to be themselves wherever they go.

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