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Though, I've seen and known a lot is always the statement by people everyday. Love and genuine relationship is not a new thing until you find your self in dilemma of how best to win a heart of a person whom nothing seems to be new to him or her
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Be true to that person and they will know your intentions. Be honest to yourself so it will comes out naturally with other person especially if that person is so special to you.
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Just be real by being yourself and don't try to be who you're not. I think we all can relate with sincere and honest people. Obviously nobody likes to associate with impostors and pretenders.

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Seriously, a lot has been said about love and so much has transpired in so called relationships that some people really doubt if real or true love actually exists but let's turn a blind eye to this inquisition and presume that true love actually exists and consider how to truly wins someone's heart genuinely.

The heart is very delicate and cunning part of the human body which is so much influenced by our emotions. What I'm trying to say here is that the key to wining every heart in this world is through knowing how to influence the emotions of the person whose heart needs to be won whether it's a male or female. Emotions is the key to people's hearts. Find out what someone loves so much and work your way towards making provisions for it. Simply put would be to care for someone.
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While trying all you can to win someone's heart, while being nice always and trying to please the other person, I think you must also be yourself and not lose yourself in a bid to make someone else like you. You can go the extra mile sometimes to show your commitment but never do it at your own expense.

A person who will love you will take you just the way you are. Always improve yourself first before trying to please the next person. People are pleased by all of what you are and the things you stand for. So being better is a two way thing. It is for you and for them.

Like you said, nothing seems to be new so perhaps everything you do may be old school but you as a person meeting them is definitely new. So your exceptional personality will make an impact.
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Wining someone's heart genuinely seriously requires patience, obviously by virtue of the style of relationship we practice you must be referring to how to win the heart of a lady genuinely.

Naturally ladies are special and they always love to be appreciated, respected and care for. It is your duty to diplomatically make your self her friend because this will give access to know things about her,  actually nothing might sound or look to New  her but your approach and your personality will look new and if you play your card very well, it will not only be new to her but also appreciated by her.
When you show her care, ensure you don't lie to her whatsoever,  try as much as possible to be emotionally disciplined such that she doesn't notice you taking her too important, be very nice to her,  surprise her with little things she never expected, tell her good things she will want  to hear. Don't do unnecessary expenses that you can't sustain if you eventually win her heart.
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The first thing that I always tell to people that brings this type of question to me is the ability for them to be themselves. As long as you have got that good feelings of love towards someone, it is always necessary for you to focus on making things work but not at the detriment of who you are. You should try to figure out what concerns those people the more and do them such as how far they have gone academically, how you can help them improve in their social lifestyle and the rest of it.
Also, trying to check on them once in a day through calls or chats and wishing them the very best can also go a long way in helping you to have a place in their hearts. When you call, try to check out some things that they are doing for the day and encourage them to be the best. This will go a long way in making everything work better for the long-term relationship goals.
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Winning a heart that must have known all old tricks isn't easy especially one that must have been deceived before and maybe was made up not to fall a victim any longer but we can still try and hope the heart get melted with our tricks

For such a heart I think sincerity will be the greatest weapon.i know the hesrt can sometimes be adamant to love but if the love comes  with sincerity of heart it can be possible. Anyone that had sworn not to ever fall in love again can do otherwise if the new person don't just show love but is sincere too. I think winning a hesrt over genuinely also needs the giver of love to be genuine too.
So in essence to win a heart over again one should not just preach love in words but more in action and the overall of it all should be sincerity.
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It's so different for everyone but when I think back on my own relationships the most successful ones are with those people where I had an instant attraction and then found I had a lot in common with them. It wasn't about whether they could offer me something new but the fact I was comfortable with them and had lots to talk about.

Relationships are complicated and need to be worked at. When you first meet someone you are very attracted to everything seems perfect but as time goes on the passion can fade and that's when it changes. You have to build on that relationship so that you have something more solid and dependable to replace that passion.

I would say to you, be yourself and respect your girlfriend although don't let her see your kindness as a weakness, be good to her and let her know she is special, tell her how much you value her as a person. If after your best efforts you still haven't won her heart then maybe she isn't the woman for you and you should look for someone who truly deserves you.

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