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Babies are very odd when it comes to the first word they utter clearly, you can never say that it's going to be this word or that in particular but the child is just going to surprise you. 

My baby's first word was hello.

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Wow,that was smart of your baby and was that said so clearly? Well, kids blab alot in their early stage and it get one a bit confused on really what they could be blabbing about. I didn't have enough time to really observed the first word by my first child. I was just too busy with work and this is one of the things I missed out because of my very busy schedules then.
But this one was just blabbing until she starting saying dada. That's like the first word she said audibly and I was very happy because if it was days I had always been dead busy I'm sure it would have been mum that would have been the first word.it really feel good now for me that I can really be active in my kids life at least as they are growing up. I will be teaching her more words it looks she wants to talk just many words at a time.
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Babies can be very dynamic when it comes to the word they speaks first. There is no pattern to the determining the word a baby would say first but there is always a constant variable that always influences which word a baby would likely speak first that would be very audible and clear to understand and not all the gibberish words that all babies are very used to speaking. Sometimes when I listen to my baby boy's gibberish talk, I would be like what are you even trying to say my boy but I know it's just baby's tongue.
When it comes to babies, the words that are commonly used and spoken by the parents or siblings are most likely going to be what the child would utter first. My daughter's first word was mouse because I used to call her my little mouse always .
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Children are blessing from God with unique qualities even from childhood. Every child has his/her own ways of doing virtually everything from stage by state.
Some children talks bette4 within the first year of birth while some make it towards making or completing two years. Same thinging applies to standing up and walking!.

My son is an amazing child, I think the first word i heard him uttered was daddy since its the word he has always being hearing from the mom.

On that faithful day, when I returned from work, as soon as i  got into the house and he sighted me, the next thing he said is daddy. I was actually surprised and filled with joy. Of course, such moment is indeed a joyous one. So I lift him up and prayed for him with a peak on the chicks. Even the mom was filled with surprise. I trust she was also proud of him at that moment.
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