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I can't watch any movies without subtitles and feel comfortable. Subtitles makes movies more interesting and fun for me to watch. 
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Yeah without subtitle it would be little bit difficult to see but for some people they won't like to watch the movies with subtitles anyway i enjoy the movie by watching subtitles
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It depends on what type of the movie I am watching, if the movies does not interest me, I don't watch it if it's on subtitle.

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I'm a very big fan of Korea and Chinese movies. I'm not sure if I have ever seen any Korean or any Chinese movies that English language were used to produce. All of the Korean and Chinese movies which I have be opportune to watch so far were all produced using Chinese and Korean languages but then they are all subtitled in English language which makes it possible for anyone who doesn't understand either Chinese or Korean language to follow up and understand what transpires in the movie.
Even with my love for Korean and Chinese movies, I still very much like to watch American movies with subtitles as well because with the subtitles, I get to have full focus on watching the movies as I love to read the words. I have managed to pick up few new words from the movies that I watch and it's the subtitles that made it possible.
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I have to say that I get used to it. Actually, that is my dilemma everytime I am starting a new Korean series. Even before starting a new one, I will say to myself that I need to read subtitles again. Of course, I don't want to read because it divides my attention. I love seeing actor's reaction to certain plot in the story and is what I totally missed when I am reading subtitles. Again, I get used to it, because I don't have a choice. In order to understand the story, I need to read the subtitles. The other dilemma is if the subtitles are wrong. it will bring a big problem because it cause misunderstanding to the series I am watching. Sometimes before downloading, I make sure that the transcriber of the series are having good reputation because it is a waste of time if it doesn't.
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I also enjoy watching films that are subtitled and with very clearer image quality. I enjoy Korean,Indian and Chinese films which I don't actually understand any of those languages. The only means through which I uunderstand and get  along with the film through the subtitles. I could recall of recent I watched a film titled Bahubali , I so much enjoyed the part one of the film which was fully subtitled and that pushed me to get the part two of the film which expected to be subtitled as well.

Guess what, the part two wasn't subtitled at all andi ended u0 watching pictures in demonstrations through out the hours.I didn't enjoy it at all. Just imagine watching a scene that led to a fight without knowing what actually caused the fight in the first place.

So, watching a subtitled film is fun even though its the language I understand since ii have the privilege to read and hear which will help me not to miss out any message.
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Of course, I do, if it's done correctly. I like to watch movies with subtitle, especially if it's the type that does not speak the language I can understand. And there are instances that even though the movie is speaking the language a can grasp, but I would still like to watch it with subtitle, because sometimes I just love reading the subtitled scroll bar, it helps me to relate with the movie better.
Everyone would agree with me that, it is not all the time we hear clearly what's said in the movie we are watching, perhaps until we watch it twice before we can. But with the help of the subtitle, we can get the missing words uttered by the characters.
In this same vein, subtitle movie doesn't cut it for me, especially if not done correctly. Some times what is been said would be totally different from what is been translated via subtitle feature. This makes me dislike subtitle movies. Apart from this, I love to watch movies with subtitle.

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