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Some people say that music helps them sleep easily while some can't sleep with any noise in the background. Which one are you comfortable with? Sleeping with music playing or without it or any noise in the room? 
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Not really, I have tried to listen to music when going to bed but it doesn't help me fall asleep.

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7 Answers

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Forming a habit is always one thing that would always decide what someone would be used to doing and what that person wouldn't be disposed to doing at any particular point in time. When it comes to listening to music or songs when sleeping, I was never used to doing it until I found myself in a situation where music was always playing and as I had to stay in such environment for a long period of time, my body and mind started adjusting to being able to sleep with music being played in the background.

Now, I'm very much used to sleeping with music playing in the room background to the extent that I seem to fall asleep very much quickly when a song is being played than when the room is very quiet. Now, sometimes I do use my small smartphone to play music once I want to sleep.
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I sleep with or without music depending on mood per time but I sleep more with sweet melodious music playing in the background.

Music is soothing to the soul and it can be a form of lullaby to send one to a good sleep or night rest so i really see it that way so I try to get mostly music that depict that and not the noisy ones with senseless lyrics.
Listening to music while sleeping makes one relax better, have the brain relax too and can make one fall asleep very fast because the body is no longer tensed. The soothing effect from the mild music have engulf the body and put it in a state of deeper rest. All the same it good to put a timer to it, so that it get off when once one falls deeply asleep so as to avoid waking one up and this is what I do and it has been helpful.
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Not all the time. Previously, I used to put on the music before going to bed and when I wake up in the middle of the night, I will still meet it playing. But this day, I prefer the music to be off, not that it has any effect on me like, not allowing me to sleep properly, it just that these days I prefer to be in a meditative mood before going to sleep.

Basically, music is very soothing to the soul, and there is sensational therapeutic feelings attached to it. And so, I am not surprised why some people choose to sleep while the it is on. I know this theory might not hold much water in the hearts of many, as they would vehemently assert that it's a source of distraction to their resting period. I agree, life is always different strokes for different folks.

Finally, whichever way you choose to sleep, either the use of music or not, but the most important thing is that, you should be able to have yourself a restful night.
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Well in my candi opinion, human system is just like a machine which get used to whatever mood and system of operation, fast, slow or steady.
Habit is something i've come to understand with human nature, we either grow with knowledge of it or form it our self while growing. The point I'm trying to make is, there are certain habit our unknowing injected into us while growing such of which is a child must sleep under a condition of low solo music. Trust me if such a child grows with such, it forms a habit.
On the other side are habits we form our self which includes either of the three options above. Sleeping with music on or any type of noise is psychologically injected system which must never be encouraged.

I sleep under any condition when i need the sleep. And noise expecially the unpleasant ones disturbs.
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No, I can't sleep with music. Before, when I have less stress about life because I was young and the responsibility was handled by my parents, I listen to music until I fall asleep. When I started working, I still love listening to some music to fall asleep but as soon as I feel that I am giving into sleep, I will turn off the music player and get to sleep. I don't let the earphone plug into my ear for longer hours and I don't do it up until the morning because for sure, it will hurt my ear. Right now, since I have lots of problems to attend at the early morning, I would love to sleep without music in the background. That is what sleeping means to me, less noise and less movement. Music is really good to set the vibes and to relax your brain but I don't let it play up until the morning.
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As a music lover, am completely at ease sleeping while listening to music. Listening to music is probably one of my undying habits.
I use to do music back in the days before my attention was taken away by something else. Back in those days, I couldn't go an hour without listening to music. You would always catch me with at least an earbud connected to either my phone or pod. Music was a part of me to a point that I even unconsciously sing in public. Hence, it was only normal for me to do everything while listening to music. I listened to music when cooking, hanging out with friends, walking the streets and even while reading. I like to think that music helped me relax in a way like caffeine or menthol relaxes the nerves and body.
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Normally, I don't sleep with background noise. But lately, I've discovered that playing calming and soothing music in the background helps in my sleeping pattern. So eventually, I made a playlist consists of songs that I think are pleasing to the ears, and everytime I feel that there's a lot going on in my head, I will play it, close my eyes, and then fall asleep.
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