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How can I start a forum and get many active users on it? @sil @poehere

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Owning a forum is the easiest part but running it on daily basis to maximize it and make huge profits off the website is where the major problem lies. Forum or blog management is not an easy task that anyone can just rush into without being willing to very committed and dedicated to working on the website.
Before setting up a new forum, you should be very sure to have enough time to invest in adding new high quality contents to the site on daily basis in order to have something that the site visitors would have to read to keep them from leaving the site sooner than later.
You must have a good support that would be available always to attend to the needs and problems some of the forum members would experience from using the site.
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Owning,starting and being successful with blogging starts with a determined heart. Alot of successful bloggers succeded through hardworking, consistency and quality contents.

You can start by choosing a niche you can churn out good posts or articles on very unique topics

Conceive a unique domain name and keep it short.Then buy the domain name and hosting from any registrar of your choice.

Start writing good original, unique, interesting and valuable content.Always check your article for plagiarism before publishing.

Do or get some SEO experts to help in optimizing your site,so as to rank better on search engines and for Google to index your page.

Advertise your blog or site and always remember to share your published posts on all your social media accounts,other blogs and forums

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