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One year ago i talked to a girl 2 times. only 2 times! I got so hooked on her that i just stopped talking to her (we saw each other every day for 3 months and many many days after that). She tried to talk to me after that but i was just so overwhelmed by her presence i just let her go. At that time I started looking all her social media and even her friends/parents too so i could find pictures of her (she is very private online). I got so crazy and my crazyness only got bigger after I found out we had so many things in common! I started getting really depressed over this and about a month ago i stopped looking her up. It was great, i even got a crush on someone else ( a healty one)... But now thats all gone because I saw her today! I was so afraid to walk into that room because i Knew she was gonna be there. I tried to tell myself that she was all made in my head but thats not working. After this month of not stalking her, i did it again. It was litterally the first thing i did as i got home. Now im feeling much much worse because i fount out another major common interest with her... God... This is klling me and i dont know what to do... She is so out of my reach but i just cant let this thought of her go.

(The text is kind of messy but so is my head)

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Love is a very good feeling, we are wish to have someone who we can love and get the love back in return, it's the only way to being satisfied with the relationship but obsession is so wrong in many ways because it's definitely going to drive you into doing so many things that are so wrong which you are not supposed to. Some the things which obsession might push you into doing are even against the law. Take for instance, you made mention about stalking the girl. To stalk someone is completely against the law and if the person reports you to the authorities, they would have you arrested.
Yes, I understand that you truly love this particular girl in question but going through this process with obsessing over her is definitely going to make you lose her. Express your love for her in an honest manner and wait for her to love you back.
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I very much understand what you are passing through with being obsessed with a girl that you love so much. Sometimes in life we don't always have what we want and as such we shouldn't kill ourselves over it or become a problem to others simply because we can't have that which we desire so much. I did mentioned about understanding what you are passing through with being obsessed with the girl you love because someone had been obsessed with me in the past and I must confess that it wasn't a pleasant experience for me.

His obsession over me got to the point where I felt insecure and threatened by his stalking and encroaching on my private life. It got so bad he hacked my Facebook account and monitored all my online activities. I don't know how he was able to hack my account but I eventually reported him to the police and he was given a restraining order.
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answered by LEGEND (6,082 points) 7 22 49
It is natural for you to feel that way towards the girl you've developed a soft spot for. However, you becoming obsessed with her, maybe is as a result of the time you've spent with her coupled with you finding out that both of you have a lot in common. Presumably, all these things has made you to be in love with her without you knowing.

You see, love is something we have absolutely no control over. We often find ourselves in its embrace without even realizing we've been taken. And we might think, it our minds playing tricks on us. And sometimes, we feel we can fight it with our own will, until we figure out that it's not something we can easily rid ourselves of from. This manifests when we deliberately attempt to end the love affair, and with time, we'll then discover that it wasn't what we thought it was.

As for your case, find a way to speak to her again, and pour out your heart on how you truely feel about her. You can't predict, she might just reciprocate the kind gesture. Good luck!
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answered by ELITE (3,008 points) 4 13 28
I understand how messy this kind of situation can be as I have been in that kind of situation in the past. The first thing that you should do is to look inward to discover those things that make you a happy being. It may be your ability to play football perfectly or how you are able to make people laugh when you make jokes. Then, you should focus on those abilities and develop them.

Sounds good when you look back and realize that you are now the talk of the town because of how good that you are at something. Believe me, this is going to boost your self esteem as I believe that this is the thing that you need to develop at the moment.

Also, start making more friends with people especially the female ones and see how this is going to improve the confidence that you have staying around them. Do not go into friendship with the mindset of a romantic because that is going to put a whole lot of pressure on you.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,009 points) 7 17 69
Well,I think we do have this feelings for someone especially when we are growing up we get obessed with someone until it even become unhealthy for us and kind of mess up our brains. Some people always damned the consequences and walk up to the person to tell them all how they feel and wait for the worse to happen,which in some cases the worse never happens,it always the beginning of something very beautiful called a relationship.So you can do same instead of you allowing all these be in your head and messing it up for you,while don't you walk up to your love interest and let her know your intentions and how you will treat her just right. I bet you heaven wouldn't fall. You can only get this three answers or reactions a yes,no or later.
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We are different individuals with lots of characters that makes us unique and outstanding by the way we run our affairs personally and with others especially opposite sex,  it is very possible that the short time you had with this lady has touched your life positively that you didn't realize immidately but in the long run you discovered that which made you to be fund and obsessed of her.
It's obvious that you are in love with this lady despite the fact that you tried to convince yourself to take the genuine love for lust. You can patiently track her down either through her siblings and you try to figure out her schedules and also knows where she works or school so that you can meet her in person,  tell her how you feel so that you can be relieved and also get a response from her.

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