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Have you ever heard about eating one meal in a day? It's called OMAD and it's very good especially when you want to manage your body weight, size and general health. 

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Yes I'm already on the diet and I just joined a site called OMAD.com and it has really been helpful.i advocate this diet for those that want to lose weight healthily and without much stress of cutting calories or depreving self of some food.

OMAD which is one meal a day help one not to only lose weight but to maintain it. One can eat whatever one needs provided one eat within the eating window. The fasting state helps one to avoid binge eating and having unnecessary cravings unlike when one isn't on the diet. The diet is not a quick fix diet like other crash diets but this can be a lifestyle and it easy to maintain too. One doesn't needs to restrict or count calories on the diet. It just a normal process but the only thing is just eating once a day which is good by me.
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When you combine omad with physical exercises, it gives you excellent results when it comes to getting control over your body weight and size. A lot of people are suffering today as a result of being patient of obesity, it has killed some and rendered some people hospitalized. When I was first introduced to omad being eating one meal in a day, I really felt it's impossible for me to participate in it. I'm going to honest, at first it was very difficult for my body to adapt to eating one meal in a day. I craved so much for food which led me to quit doing omad for few times until I decided and made up my mind to fully take part in having one meal in a day. There were times when I felt so weak because my body lacked the fuel to push on but I used liquids to get a grip of myself.
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Absolutely no! Although I eat once a day at times, but I can never partake in the practice of doing so on daily basis. I can seem to wrap my head around it, maybe because I don't really need it. I have a perfect shape that anybody could ever wish to have. My exercise routine has always been part and parcel of me ever since I was kid.

And since I attained my adulthood age, I have never for once taken my foot of the pedal in keeping up with my workout plans and diet programs. Interestingly, I have absolute control of what I eat, it's not that somebody is dictating for me what to eat. And if I want to fast, I usually do so voluntarily, especially if I don't have the appetite to eat.

However, for those individuals that think they need OMAD for them to stay fit and healthy, let them keep it up. But my advise for them is that, there can never be substitute for exercise and healthy meals as ways of stay fit and healthy.
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I always feel happy when I notice that some people are looking for ways to look fit and nice. Doing Omad is what I began few months ago and I have to admit that starting it was not that easy for me. I was looking at how I can always get to eat as I want, but at that time, I really found that difficult to happen. I started looking at it as a way of fasting for the better half of the day, but at a time, I got to start enjoying doing Omad.

This is a diet plan that gives you the opportunity to eat as you want within a hour every day and don't take any food that contains calories for the rest of the day. You can keep taking water for the rest of the day and still feel strong at it.
I have been reading great testimonies of those that are into Omad and I have to admit that it has really nice for me as well.
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Yes I've heard about the OMAD diet. People who practice this sort of diet eat only one meal a day as the initial implies. I'm not sure about how this mechanism works for them but I've heard so many success stories just like that of ketogenic diet.
I've also read health related concerns where there's the possibility of coming down with ulcer. However, no evidence really supports this claim. I know you need to be certified by your doctor before you decide to take on this diet.
Personally, I wouldn't go for this diet plan for weight loss. May be I can substitute lunch and dinner with whole fruits but I definitely wouldn't eat just once a day. I always have cravings. I think fruits and lots of water with a meal will work just fine.
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