Most people I know are all guilty of this behavior of pressing their phones when it's plugged to charge. Are you among such people? 
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Yes, I do press my phone while it's charging. It's more like a habit to me.

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I think alot of us are guilty of this,I inclusive especially us from the tier 2 countries where electricity is somewhat a luxury and mostly my location where we have more days of blackout than days with light and the light even can be so erratic. Sometimes the light is ration that one get to see just 4-5 hours of light daily and with this the little time one sees light is straight up for working and this makes one be working or pressing the phone while it is still charging.
Since I read about the bad effects of pressing phone while it is charging I have tried to minimize on that, I have rather bought a good power bank now that would be able to store enough power for at least 2-3 days usage and I'm good with it. I don't need to disturb my phone while it is charging any longer.
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Pressing someone's mobile smartphone while it's charging is a very common habit displayed by people who are living in the developing world. I'm not saying that it's something only peculiar to people living in the third world countries because those in the developed countries still exhibit the same habits but over in developing countries, it's more rampant because of electricity availability and stability, so most people tend to have their mobile smartphone being plugged to charge and still press it or use it at the same time.

This is actually very bad because it can lead to so many hazards which would cause damages to the phone user. Take for example, the phone might heat up too much and it's battery would blow up. I wouldn't it's ignorance that makes people do this because they are well aware of the dangers using phones when it's charging can cause.
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Just like you pointed out, it is an attitude that is not that easy for anyone to go through, but the thing is that we should also understand that being careful not to press the phone when it is charging is important as well. 
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Yes! That's exactly what I am doing now when composing the answer to this question. The truth is, I don't think there is anybody out there that can be exonerated from this happening, especially those that are from third world countries where public power supply is social challenge to many of the citizens.

Everyone in these countries can't boast of 24 hours supply of electricity. And to make matter worst, these same countries happen to be dumping grounds for electronic mobile or computing devices that require constant supply of electricity for them to be used as recommended by the manufacturers.
Therefore, it is logical for one to be charging his/her device while using it, owing to the fact that one can't predict when next they might get to see power again to do the charging of their devices. Apparently, it is a case of make a hay while the sun is shining.
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In the firstplace I don't do such and even when I need to use the phone while its not fully charged yet. I prefer to unblug it and use than 7sing it while its still charging. And the reason is not far from the fact tthat its not reasonable and never safe to do such. If a phone is plugged, the radiation of micro wave or the electromagnetic wave around that area will increase tremendousely to a very high value far beyond when its not plugged. So due to collision between the electromagnetic wave of the electricity and that of the phone. The user is endangering his life.

So my candid advise are; always unplugged phone before using it and make sure you don't use the phone receive class while the battery is low or in low voltage. May God continue to protect us.
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For me, I will admit that this is the situation that I have found myself as I can't really stay without having to preserve my phone device when it is charging. As far as I am concerned, this action is not a good one, but when I consider the situation that I find myself with electricity not always being constant, I would have to say that there is nothing that I can do about it.

The risk of pressing the phone while charging is that there are sometimes that the mobile device will start getting hot while it is being charged and that is a serious situation for it will definitely affect the battery performance of the device which can make it not to last longer again. Furthermore, there have been cases with phone blasting up while it is being charged as well.
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To me i find it to be a bad habit, first and foremost it is dangerous to use your phone while it is still charging. That is one of the things that we are told not to do  when we are buying new phones, even in the manuals it is clearly stipulated that we should not do that. But of cause we being as human as wecan get we always feel like we can come up with better ideas and laws about stuff. For me i try my very best to avaoid using my phone while it charges, i am better off charging it when it is off because that way i won't feel tempted to go and use it. When you think about going to switch on, you just feel lazy especially if you are tired. I always let it go off on it's own when am at home so that it can charge fully. When you do that you will also be able to use it for a longer period before it goes off. I realized when i charged my phone in bits it does not perform fully as expected.
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I think almost all done this once. Yes. I do press my phone while it's charging. It's my habit. I just press it to check my phone. Even I have no work in phone, I do press my phone. 
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No. I don't press my phone while charging it. What is the need to press the phone while charging it. Pressing the phone will damage the internal parts of your phone.
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