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Sometimes we are left with no option but to borrow money from either family or friends or even financial institutions.

If you find yourself in such situations, are you comfortable borrowing? 
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If I have no more left in me and I have to wait for long,I will borrow money from my family but not with other people whom I don't know.

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Well, personally I can never be happy or comfortable borrowing money. I have to put myself in a state of a debtor because it one thing that can get one in a very tight corner when one get harrased or embarrassed one can't just retaliate or defend self and I'm one person that hate all of them, so it better I don't even put myself through all that because of borrowing.

I prefer to be a lender because I will be at an advantage especially if the repayment comes with interest.Anyone that goes a borrowing goes a sorrowing. I know situations most times push people into debt but I always pray it doesn't get to that. I always hope that my savings should be able to take care of emergencies. To avoid borrowing it good to save for the rainy day it will save one from borrowing.
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Seriously, I don't feel comfortable being either the lender or the borrower but on a better stance, if you are the patient type, being the lender is more better because a borrower does not have peace till he or she pays back. 
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I believe that if we are being honest with ourselves, we have all faced with the challenges of borrowing money at least once in our lifetime from either friends or family. Borrowing from financial institutions might be taken out of the context because it's very difficult to get financial aids from banks or other cooperate institutions but getting financial help from family members and friends is quite easier.

I have borrowed money from friends at least once or twice but it's money that I can easily repay within at least in two months period. I don't really like getting to owe someone money for a long time because it makes me restless. Most times when I see the person I borrowed money from, my heart skips so fast which is why I make efforts to pay back as soon as possible.
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Sincerely speaking, I don't really feel that I can easily be borrowing money and feel okay with it. Every time that I am alone, my thoughts have always been on the best way that I can be making more money and the means, which are legal, that I can make those dreams come through. I don't always want to borrow since it always put me under the tension of having to repay those money as soon as I can since I don't like people insulting me all because of not having money.

Also, I always think of the best means that I can make things always happen and not to be in that situation where I will be repaying loans every now and then. There are people that once you borrow any money from then, they will never allow you to rest as they will always worry you about when you are paying the money back and this is something that I don't really like.
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Frankly speaking, it has never be in my nature to borrow money, except if situation compel me to do so, and if it happens, it's not everybody I can borrow money from. We all know that when it comes to money, there's nobody that don't borrow it. Even the federal government of most countries do borrow money.

But my major concern, when borrowing money is, me been able to pay back in due time. I am not the type that likes owing people money. And whenever somebody borrows me money, I often feel indebted to that person, which would make me not to be free as I used to when I see the person.

For this very reason I usually find it very difficult to borrow money, and if I do I ensure that I pay back as promised, so that I don't lose my integrity become of money.
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No every body in his or her right senses will not be comfortable with borrowing money if he or she has money at his disposal, just like you said im your question is usually the last option that one just need to deal with.
If am face with situation like this I a have no choice than to be comfortable to borrow money that I am sure  i will be able to pay back at the stipulated time,  most times I borrow money when I confident that the money I am expecting is 90% assured to meet up with time frame of my borrowing.
I am more comfortable with borrowing that the payment will be made installmentally if the money is much through monthly deduction from my income if the borrowing is true cooperative but if it is personal I borrow amount that i can pay once.

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