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Some parents are not in support of giving any sort of punishment to their children even when it's obvious the kids are doing something very wrong. It's their personal decision but for those who offer punishments, what do you normally do? 

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I disciplined my kids alot and I believe it the duty of all parents to do same, no need leaving kids to go wild in the name of either pampering or spoiling them. I have always believed in the carrot and stick approach of discipling a child and I really advocate for this, let the kids know when they're wrong and right too.

The carrot and stick approach is a two way thing . Reward and punishment. A child get rewarded when he or she deserves it and get rebuked or punished when he or she is wrong. Punishment mustn't necessarily be about coporal punishment like flogging but ceasing their play things, stopping them from playing during their play time, not allowing them watch their favorite station, making them repeat a certain chore or giving a new chore to be done etc will help put a child in check.
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Remember the old popular saying that goes this way - “Spare the rod and spoil the child“. This is something that should not be taken lightly but very seriously because once a child takes to a behavioral pattern and if the parents or guardian doesn't do anything about it, such child would take that behavior as a norm and would keep repeating it over and over again without stopping. Children learns quickly that most people tend to comprehend and it's the reason why when they do some things that surprises you as a parent, you shouldn't be amazed.

Even in the holy book Bible, it says teach a child the way he or she should behave and once he or she grow that they may not part from it. I'm totally in support of dishing out punishment to kids when they behave bad. Flogging slightly, taking away their toys and grounding them are my favorite punishments.
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Although I am not yet a father, but I have so many children as students that I discipline on daily basis. And so, I will be speaking from the perspective of teacher, which I guess it would reflect the attitude of a father on how a child can be punished. From personal experience, I have discovered that children of nowadays are more unruly than how it used to be back in the days. And they are very disrespectful and uncourteous too.

Basically, what I do is to ensure that I don't spare the rod so that they don't go wayward in life. Anytime they mishave is either I punish them by flogging them or give them physical punishment that would make them realized what they've done is wrong. And I also make sure the lesson is learnt so that it won't be of waste of time for me and to them too. This is usually achieved by making sure they see the reason behind why they were punished. I even go as far as councelling them through admonition, which is primarily targeted to psychologically sharpen them up and also to make them to be remorseful for whatever they've done.

But one thing I don't do is to discipline them out of wickedness. I ensure that they are punished out of love, so that I don't get to inflict injuries on their body. Surprising, this method has been working for me, as they turn a new leaf from their attitudinal approach to their academics, and how they relate with their teachers.
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Parents punish their kids in different ways, though I don't agree with some of their methods, I believe punishment for kids is a must do.

Punishment doesn't have to come in the form of hate or hurtful ways, It can be in the form of discipline. In order to teach kids that every action we take has to be accounted for, discipline has to be put in place, and also punishment if they behave badly. I got really disciplined and sometimes punished by my parents while growing up. As much as I hate to admit it, some of my parents actions which I hated as a child has made me the better person I am today. Hence, bringing up a child without discipline and caution when they do the wrong things will only make them behave worse when they get older.

We should remember that whatever a child is taught at home is what he takes to the outside. The actions of a child reflects on the entire family. Certain misbehaved actions by our kids which we overlook as parents might not be overlooked when they exhibit such behaviors outside. It might even get them in trouble. So it's better we nurture our kids with discipline and if need be, punishments too.
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Everyone makes mistakes and as kids, I think they need to be punished for their actions. Children are little and most times, they do not understand the consequences of their actions. It is the responsibility of the parents to make them understand and discipline them when necessary.

If this isn't done properly, children will go on doing what they feel like and this is one of the ways in which miscreants are created in society. Children must be taught the difference between right and wrong and it isn't something of a question or a choice about it.

In the end, we are all a part of the society and nobody has the right in my opinion not to teach their children the difference between right and wrong to function properly in the society unless they want to build a world for them elsewhere. It is a moral, social and religious obligation towards them.
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Childre are gifts from God and needed to be care for and giving adequate knowledge to sustain them to be fruitful. They are like an assignment from God to nurse a obedient servant to live in the course of God. Many parents have failed and failing in carrying out the assignment diligently all because of lack of absolute truth. There is a saying that goes like this " spare the rod and spoil the child". At a tender age, a child doesn't know the difference between good and bad. But it is the responsibility oof the parent to punish such child once he/she does that bad thing. The punishment wwill send a long time signal to the child that such things is bad. Such moral will stay with the child forever.

Also when a child reaches teenage age actually this is the most important age that a child needs the parent most. Because this is when he/she graduate to freedom level. Such child must be told the good, bad and ugly at this age in serious and absolute reality. And severe punishment will be prefered .

However, as important as it is to punish a child, it us also important to made the chid free. And thus is done by love
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