Some people are fortunate to have free or paid Wi-Fi to use for their internet needs while most makes use of data subscription.

Which one is disposable to you? 
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I'm on a prepaid plan from my local network MTN.It a data subscription though I will have loved a WiFi connection like others but unfortunately most that have it connected have passworded theirs and it becomes impossible for anyone to use, though I have read it really not advisable to use public WiFi since hackers can hack one's phone and steal data through that means so I think I'm good making or buying my data from a secured network than risking my data and vital information on my phone.

The data subscription in my location doesn't come cheap I do spend about $30-50 some months depending on what I'm working on but the good thing is I'm making more than that too monthly so I'm not really feeling the heat. I like the network I have chosen it is fast and reliable.
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My country does not offer free Wi-Fi for any reason whatsoever, the only way you get to enjoy using free Wi-Fi would be either having access to working in a company that makes Wi-Fi service available to its employees. Some universities makes Wi-Fi available to its students, there is this particular university here called University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN), they make Wi-Fi service available to its students and it's all free.
Apart from having access to free Wi-Fi internet services in companies and universities here, what most people make use of is simply mobile data subscriptions. There are offers on daily, weekly and monthly data subscriptions which comes with different prices and data packages. Currently, I'm making use of MTN data subscription.
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I don't have access to free Wi-Fi. Whether public or personal. I feel like if I have to pay for it, it isn't free anyway. I pay for whatever data I use. I buy monthly subscription plans from my local service provider and ninety percent of the time, it doesn't do me any good unless I subscribe twice amount.

Data plans aren't cheap in my country. The only time I had access to free Wi-Fi was while I was at college. Every student had a password and was entitled. Ever since I seldom connect to Wi-Fi especially because of security. There are online hackers ready to Jack your passwords and other security information.

So unless the Wi-Fi is from a trusted source, it is not at all advisable to connect to Wi-Fi. I'll stick to buying as much as I need.
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I am using more wifi at the moment because it can saves more money rather than keep buying a data on my phone. Having data is not cheap with my network, while I am at home wifi is more easier. Whenever we go out, I don't use my phone for internet or other than emergency like calling somebody. But if got free data on my phone I will turn it on but it's rarely am going to use my phone anyway other than taking pictures, too.
Wifi for me at home and it's unlimited so I can used unlimited surf and watching videos or movies. I am tend to use more computer and sometimes my phone. Especially my kids will alternate to use my computer so they can watch youtube kids video using wifi. I think wifi is more handy at home while going out is use data instead.
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I do have access to free Wi-Fi once in a while  if am in an area with Wi-Fi facility,  I mostly subscribe to monthly data subscription from one of the internet service provider called Airtel  in my country. It is very reliable with higher internet speed though most of the internet network providers reliability differs from location to location.
The data usually cos $5 which gives me around 3.5GB and a bonus of 3.5 GB too making a total of 7GB data  monthly and it is usually enough for my internet activities,  it is more secure for me to run data subscription before I rarely have network problem and I am free from sites that don't allow public internet access to their site.
The amount i earn online compare to amount in data subscription it is worth it.
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