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There are some people who are so afraid of getting into physical fights that they would shy away even when they were being oppressed while there are some who would never say no to a fight.

Which category do you fall in? 

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People that get physical over any issue are just sick and the society can't never get better with people with a mindset like that. Sometimes I wonder what we gain from getting physical you just injured the other person and that's it. This is like using a sledgehammer to kill a fly to what end if I may ask. Nothing good has even come out from a brawl it more damages and ruins. Two communities in my location have been having communal clashes for ages now and all what they do is to go physical with one another leaving a lot of people injured, maimed and some dead and I shake not just my head but my entire body for them.

I can't remember the last time I fought maybe in my teens.i don't fight if we can't have a round table discussion about an issue to sort things out then such issue will be history with me.
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Violence might not be the best choice of resolving issues, but there are times when you get punched against the wall so badly you're left with no choice but to push back.

I have to confess, I've been in a physical brawl once, okay, maybe two or more times in the past. Well, they all happened when I was much younger. You know how kids always wants to show who's stronger or tougher. Those were the kinds of situations that pulled me into a physical confrontations which ended in a fight.

Sometimes when I think back, I realize how stupid I was. Most of those fights were over silly things that we'll end up laughing over it when we talk about it now.

Violence isn't the key to any situation. It in fact worsens the situation and likely to give rise to revenge brawls at any given opportunity. The best line of action during any heated confrontation is to simply just walk away regardless of the situation.
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I don't like trouble and I hardly involve with a fight. When I was in secondary school, I saw some group of people having a fight. It wasn't good to look at all since everyone will witness and will gossip what was happened. This is not what I want and I always wanted to avoid. I belong to the group who don't want trouble but, if someone will attacked me for no reason I will fight back, of course.

Fighting is not good, but we cannot avoid that there are people who are really getting involve in a trouble. These should discipline themselves and learn how to manage their anger. If a person doesn't know how to control his or her emotion, that's when trouble start. If we can live in peace why we need trouble, when it will just make us more restless and in danger sometimes.
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There is always that need for us to understand what physical brawl entails. Yeah, it is always cool when one get to beat the hell out of the other person that might have been making them feel bad and angry. It always feel good when you teach the other person a lesson since he/she has decided not to give you the type of respect that you demands from them. However, there is need for us to understand the repercussions that will always come with this kind of attitude. There are people that are in prison as a result of one heavy punch that they gave to someone which resulted in death.

This is the main reason that I don't always feel okay getting involved in a fight. I understand that I may be able to beat the other person well, but I don't want situations where I get to give injuries to them which may even result to their death as well.

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