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Rape is evil no matter what led someone to doing it. What punishment do you think would be best given to rapists? 
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Rapists are worse than animals. They are people who enjoy inflicting pain to vulnerable women in the name of sexual satisfaction. The psychological dent they inflict on these ladies will be so severe that no panel beater will be able to straighten.

Which punishment is the best for rapists? There are so many options available ae a punishment of rapists. Capital punishment is among the options.

However, my answer is simple, forgive them and let them visit a psychiatrist. Rapists are sick. Sick people should see a doctor. No extend of punishment to the rapist will make him feel with the victim and change.

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If it's possible, I would seek for death penalty for any rapist or cutting off of the individual's sexual organ. There is nothing sick about being a rapist, they plan to rape and carry it out. 
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Death punishment is a bit too far, don't you think? I get that rape isn't a good thing, but killing a man or woman convicted of rape is just too gruesome, it's even worse than the offense itself. 
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The rapist should not be exist in this world, they are the bad people with no respect and no dignity they should be rape too.

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6 Answers

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The answer you give is a well thought of answer. Death will be the end to the rapist's life. That is not bad really. Yet killing him will not make you look better than the rapist. One raped and the other one killed.

Cutting off the genitals is not a good option either. Cutting off the manhood does not in any way remove the thoughts and the judge from the rapist. This time be might even use crude weapons on the victim. The damage now will be more severe.

Oh, my God! What punishment can we give to these rapists? Am thinking and end up being blank. Wbat a difficult question to answer! This question needs to be observed by a psychiatrist, dkctkr, politician anr philosopher. One will be able to help us witb the best solution and punishment to a rapist.
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Rape is an act that I always believe is a crime against God and humanity no matter the reasons a rapist might give for this henious crime committed.

How can one forcefully take carnal knowledge of the next person and still feel any reason will be good enough for it. Rape victims are always the worse hit in life and they might remain damage psychologically and otherwise through out their lifetime and as such culprits of this act shouldn't be given any mild punishment, it should be made so heavy so as to distract others from even thinking about it.
Sexual urge is controllable and as such it never a thing that can't be controlled. My country put it at 14 years imprisonment for defaulters but I think it should be with hard labour to serve as a detterent to others.
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I am yet to fully understand the reason some of the people that we know that should be kind get involved in rape cases. There was this particular case that happened few years ago when one guy that we all know in the street to always be friendly and nice had a carnal knowledge of a little girl and that was so bad that I didn't really understand the reason for that. To me, those that are involved in rape cases should be given longer terms in prison and made to undergo some form of rehabilitation should in case they are faced with any inferiority complex.

Also, when I read about rape cases, I see more of the women being the victims and I feel confused because I know that most men that are in the world are also victims of such. To make things even, there is need for the government to take the case of men being raped quite serious as well and prosecute ladies that do such as well.
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The issue of rape, for me, it's a matter of mental derangement. Whoever commits it needs help not condemnation. I know there are many people out that won't subscribe to my take on it, but I also want them to microscopically look at it from all side, and judge for themselves if these rapists are normal human beings.

Apparently, I don't see the reason whatever for a grown man to forcefully have a sexual intercourse with a woman. For me, such a person is insane, and he should be taken to psychiatric home. Because sentencing that person to life imprisonment or death is not enough to heal the emotional and psychological injuries the victim would have to endure throughout her lifetime.

Honestly, rapists need help and that help can only be given to them by mental case therapists.
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Yes some rapists might be sick but then why can't they just approach that lady in a cool way other than forcing themselves. Even if they're sick only 3% of them. If they're forgiven, they'll take the matter lightly and repeat the same same mistake next time knowing that they'll be pardoned as well. As much as you're talking about forgiveness, consider the other party, most probably a young girl or even a lady. They're always affected psychologically and that picture will take quite a long time before its erased from their minds.

This people need to be jailed a minimum of five years if possible although in my country they're jailed for around ten years. And while inside there they're always counselled and this usually helps before when they come out of the place they're totally changed persons.
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Rapists are the worst kinds. A rapist does not deserve any form of mild punishment. It is pure premeditated evil. It seldom happens by mistake. I don't understand why some people feel the need to hurt others.

It is very hard for the victims of rape. No amount of punishment given to the offender unfortunately can heal them. They can only find solace by another means necessary. To say that a rapist should just be forgiven is daringly hard but that's the first path to healing.

I think rapist should be punished accordingly along side appropriate therapy. Such menace should not be allowed to roam to society like that. It is the responsibility of the society at large to raise responsible citizens. It is a moral obligation.

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