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Some people prefer lying on their stomach, some on their back while some prefer to sleep on their side. 

What's your favorite sleeping position? 

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When I am not feeling good, like I am having my cramps, I sleep in fetus position. That is the way I will able to sleep and it feels comfortable relieving the pain. During the normal day, my sleeping position, I think most of the time is, lying on the side while I am using my arms as my pillow. I have a pillow but I let my shoulder or arms to be on the pillow and I will be sleeping on it. I usually lost a lot of blood on the side of the arms I am using. It is quite painful in the morning to be serious, but most of the mornings, I found myself on that position most of the the time. Sometimes I am lying at my back and it is not a good feeling in the morning. I think those sleeping positions are not my favorite but that is my body automatically doing while I am sleeping.
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I doubt if I have a particular favourite sleeping positionpositio, but one thing I just noticed is that, my position depends on how tired I'm I.e the extend of fatigue will determine my position or sleeping comfort. But man of my friends from much observation enjoys lying on their stomach while sleeping and of course it gives them comfort.

However, there is a particular and special sleeping position as suggested and mandated by Islam,, and the sleeping position is lying on the right hand side after praying. The religion adopted the position as a result of 5he doings of the position Prophet Mohammed was using during his days on earth. Also the position is believed to repel evils from coming close during the time of sleep.

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