When you are ill, which treatment method do you prefer to make use of? Would it be taking injection or taking pills? 
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As a kid, I hated taking injection so much that any day I'm forced to get one when I'm ill, I would cry all day long. Today is no different as I still fear and hate injections. So, I prefer taking pills.

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When I'm ill i prefer to take drugs for a simpler reasons that even the medical practitionals preaches that in exception of certain circumstances drugs is most preferred to taking injections.

I think to that regard, the intake of drugs has lesser implications compared to taking of injectionsinjection. I've sseen situations where injection does great harm to human system since it is administered directly to the vein and it miss with the blood and it has greater implications to correct its negative effect compared to intake of drugs.

Another reason why I prefer drug is because it is not easy to watch one skin being cut slightly with razor not to talk of passing a whole inch of needle into that same skin.

Finally, i've watched a closed friend became partially paralyzed due to administration of injection through a wrong vain. With all if this, I have
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According to someone, based on real life experience, someone is getting a shots of glutathione, she prefers injection that taking the tablet. This is because it makes it more effective to them. The effect of glutathione in them can be easily seen. I think for me it depends on who will inject me the medicine. I prefer pills because I will just drink it, but sometimes there are medicines that needs to be injected to get into the vein and be transported by blood to the needed source it will fall, unlike pills that needs to be digested by an acid before to be transported to the blood and then to circulate in the body. It depends on the person that will inject me. Sometimes there is a person who has heavy hands that when they started to inject something, the pain goes on , while some has light hands that you don't feel anything.
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I'm just confused on which to go with because I'm one person that just hate drugs whether pills or injection.The stuff is always tiring for me,is it the drugs that is always bitter and nauseating to take couple with the fact that is always hard to swallow as if one is throwing stone down the throat or the pain associated with taking injection especially from pains infested fingers of the nurses Lol. This is to show how I just hate anything medicine and this phobia helps me not to fall sick because I know I will have to go through one of this to get well, so I rather not fall sick at all.

Well,I will go with the lesser evil taking pills.i will prefer this and I try to take my drugs as prescribed but I hardly fall sick because I know that will be the only way I can avoid it.
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Frankly speaking, I hardly fall sick, and besides I can't even remember the last time I fall sick. And so, the use of drug or injection for the treatment of sickness doesn't really resonate with my being. But if I am to choose between injection and drug, I would definitely opt for either of them because I am not afraid of any of them.
But when it comes use of any drugs I am always apprehensive of their chemical compositions because this days, we have so many counterfeited drugs out there, which makes them to be unhealthy for consumption. And I don't think we can say that about injection. I also learnt that injection are more portent in terms of bioavailability to that of drugs.

For these reasons, I would prefer the use of injection to that of drugs. Although they could be some level of risks in administering of injection, especially if done by quakes.
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When I am sick, I will prefer to take pills. I am not afraid of injection but still my first try is pills. If am not getting any result by using pills, I prefer Injection. 
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In my opinion, this kind of method needs to be done by the doctors. They are the ones who can tell which one is best, taking pills or administering medicines through syringes.
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