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Nannies are professionals household help that are hired to assist families with taking care of their children. Some people agree with hiring nannies while some are against it. 

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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
I support in a way of giving work for them for them to earn money to provide for their own family. However, I learned in the news that some of them are not good in taking care of kids. There are those who are really passionate and knows what they are doing, but there are black sheep from the group that hurt the baby they are taking care of and to make it worst, steal money of their employer. There are those who just want a job because they can steal money and that is the sole purpose. It is hard to trust people from the outside that is why my sister did not get a nanny for her son and let my mother take care of him because it is different when your own blood is taking care of you. The patience is another problem. We cannot measure the patience of different people that is why I don't have a house helper or nanny.
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answered by ELITE (3,221 points) 5 12 23
Personally, I don't see very much wrong in hiring a nanny or house help so long as the situation requires it. Am talking about situations where both parents are mostly absent, working regular 9 - 5 jobs.

A nanny can be very helpful in the said situation above. Not just for taking care of the children, but also running the house operations in the absence of the parents. But in some situations, this decision might turn out bad at the long run.

I like to keep in mind that employing nannies can be of some disadvantage to the parents. A parent needs to be involved in the daily lives of their kids. Therefore, putting a nanny in place of them will mean that both parents would have little or no personal relationship with their kids. How then do they know exactly what their children are going through in certain situations? Parents should always make out time for their kids no matter their working conditions. The best time to make memories are when they are young. And remember, good memories are not just made during holidays or vacations, they can be made during daily living in the house too. If a parent constantly misses that, with time, children grow up and begin to take on their own responsibilities. When do you now make up for the lost times?

Hence, having a nanny can help a great deal, but parents shouldn't completely rely on nannies for taking care of the kids. They should try as much as possible to make out time and spend with their kids in order to make good memories and have a steady relationship between them.
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answered by LEGEND (6,394 points) 6 14 36
Yes I only support it when the couple is busy with work most  probably but if they're just idling then its not a good idea. There are these kind of women who have made it a habit of just sitting all day watching and don't want to do anything related to the house chores. What they don't understand is that those house chores usually help their bodies in one way or another by keeping fit.
I personally think its good because it helps in creating job opportunities to other people but then some nannies end up misbehaving to the extent of destroying other people's marriages by snatching their husbands. What people do nowadays especially women is that they employ the elderly women who cannot easily snatch away other people's men. I think this is the best way out.
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answered by LEGEND (6,011 points) 6 13 26
I can support hiring a nanny only when the situation requires it. For instance, if parents have jobs where they need extra hands to help out with taking care of their children. They can't do it alone.

By doing such, I think it is better to hire professionals. Those with resumes or under a certified body. There would be a sort of guarantee and responsibility than when you hire just anyone. There's been alarming cases of child abuse by nannies whom parents have left their children under their care.

However, there are some people who hire nannies even when the situation does not require it. They'll have two to three nannies even when they can manage pretty well on their own. That I'm highly not in support of. You can only advice people but you can't tell them what to do.
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answered by ELITE (3,008 points) 4 13 28
There are numerous benefits that families can get when they hire these kind of people to assist in the running of the home chores. To me, I don't see anything wrong with having a helper at hone especially when your kids are not that strong and old enough to assist with the activities of the day.
I could recall that there was period in our life when I was unable to fetch water from the tap, I can't wash plates and even doing some other activities at our home was difficult. So, as the first child in the house, my mom decided to hire a nanny to help out with those chores as well as keeping my younger brother company while she was away.

It was a good experience as she ensured that everything that is meant to be done in our homes happened the way my mom wanted it. So, I believe that there is nothing wrong as long as those nannies are good people with no bad intentions.
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answered by ELITE (3,548 points) 4 24 91
Hiring a house nanny or house helps these days is something very common in the urban society and it all as a result of every single member of the family being into the working class environment, which makes it practically impossible for the parents to have ample time to take care of their children properly.

When the husband leaves for work very early in the morning and comes back at least around 8:00 pm in the night, while the wife does exactly the same thing by also leaving for work probably at the same time with the husband and returns around 7:00 pm, there is no way of getting to avoid not hiring a house nanny or house helps who would practically be the one who runs and manages the home for the family and take care of their children as well. Personally, I'm vehemently against hiring nannies because they might be abusive to my kids.
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answered by Patron (2,997 points) 3 11 21
Yes i am in total agreement of hiring house helps. They are life savers for sure, especially if you have a family. Life sometimes can be unbearable when you have a husband and children to take care of. I cannot imagine a career oriented woman taking care of a household on her own. A house entails so much, from the chores to the kids the husband needs her attention at all times and this makes the burden too heavy to carry. This is when the house helps come in handy. While they handle the house chores, the wife can help around with the kids. Sometimes when the parents are not around, they will normally take up the position of the guardian and take care of the home, now if we don't have this people around us, how can we run our homes without things not being done in order. They are there to bring order and ease the burden in the home.

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