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Some people are comfortable wearing short skirts while some would never wear it even at home. 

What's your favorite? 
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Both are good, but it depends on occasions where the lady will have to wear the long skirts to avoid some people asking a whole lot of questions.

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I am not a lady, but I think that I can give some answers on this type of question because I've got a fiance. First of all, I believe that every skirt is nice and good as long as the person putting them on feel super and okay on those kind of dresses. The thing with making use of short skirts is that if the person is working in an establishment where they interact and meet all manner of people, then it is wise for them to always wear long skirts to avoid the bosses at the office questioning them and all that.

On the other hand, if there's no work attachment to the place where the lady is going to, then I don't see any reason for them not to wear short skirts as long as they are cool and attractive on it. I always believe that what matters is how nice and attractive those people look on those clothes and not whether it is a short skirt or a long one.
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Exactly! I completely agree with you on this about where one goes hugely affects the kind of skirts they can put on. If it's official business, a short skirt wouldn't be appropriate but if it's a fun or party stuff, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing short skirts. 
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When it comes to fashion and how one prefers to dress, we all have different ideas on how to pick out our attire. Personally, I'm the kind of person who fancies wearing and dress that hugs my body very tight because it makes me feel like something is covering my skin. If I put on any dress that is free on my body, I would feel like I'm not wearing any dress at all. I have seen so many people who are of this preference with the kind of cloth that they desire to put on.
Even though I'm not a woman who wears skirts, I have a preference for short mini shirts which looks very sweet and sexy when it's worn. Please, let me make it perfectly clear that short skirts aren't meant for every woman out there. If you don't have good legs to wear short skirts, it's better to stick with your long skirts.
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I am a type of a person who is very conservative in terms of wearing dress. Sometimes I will wear short but not short skirt. And I know I am not comfortable with wearing short at all. I would prefer long short and long skirt. It's like no one will look at me because I don't have that very nice shiny skin at all. I have brown skin and I always prefer to wear jeans or leggings. This will make more comfortable knowing that my skin are covered. Sometimes I wear long dress or short dress but only at home. If I will go out I prefer to wear really long dress to cover my legs. My partner likes me if I wear short and I notice he will look into girls who wear really short short like showing butt already, and I am not that type of a girl. So, I don't really care if my partner likes me or not as long as I am comfortable with what I am wearing.

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