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There are so many accessories that one can listen to music with such as headphones, earphones  etc. Some people say it's not healthy for the ears to use headphones for listening to music. 

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answered by LEGEND (6,082 points) 7 22 49
Of course, I do listen to music using headphones. Actually, I consider myself an addict to listening to music with it. I don't see any wrong with it. I usually make use of it when I am going out for either jogging or evening strolling. Whoever knows how listening to music connects perfectly well with workout, would agree with me that there is nothing compares to the experience it creates.

Without really throwing caution to the wind about the speculated consequences with using it, I have always been ultra cautious with using it. I ensure that the volume I leave it in listening to the music, is not about the recommended level, in order for my ears not to be deafened by it. And I also endeavour that my two ears are not blocked, so that I can still perceive what is going on around me. I know how dangerous it could be with the risks involved in using it on the road side such as accident.

My candid advise is, one should always be careful with the use of headphones because it could really be very risky if not wisely used.
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You will believe with me that listening to music or any form of sound is truelly not healthy for the ear and even for the brain.

Notably, we all know that earpiece or earphone usually serves as antenna for many phones as a prerequisites to receive FM or catch a FM station. By simple analogy, it means that earphones or earpiece emits or radiate same energy with the antenna.

In the light of the above, each time the gadget is plugged, it perform two functions which are not good for the health.

The electromagnetic wave from any station signal affects the skin and dating of the brain such that if it continues it can cause serious damage to the brain. Secondly, the direct sound hitting the eardrum is never good for the ear especially when the music is so loud.

It makes the ear drum to vibrate beyond limit and can damage the drum permanently. In addendum to the damages that it can cause, it can also affects the communication system between the ear and the brain. It is what makes som3 person not to hear low volume sounds.
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I have come to notice that it is not good to make use of headphones most of the times. So, I have decided to listen to music without making use of headphones. 
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
Yes, I prefer listening to music with headphones. I wish I have a noise canceling headphones that I will only hear the music and no sound in the background. Actually, that is my plan to buy as a gift for myself this Christmas. I really need a noise canceling headphones so that when I am working online I will not hear my dogs barking. It is also a great idea that when I put on my headphones, I wish no one will able to disturb me because they know that I am working seriously. Listening to music with headphones, will make you appreciate more the music. I enjoyed it. I regularly do it when traveling going in and out of work. I love to be alone while traveling and that is the only time I can be myself. I play my favorite songs over and over that makes me memorize the song easily.
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Whenever am out of the house, I definitely use headphones connected to my phone or pod while listening to music. There's something about headphones that brings out the best in music. Certain sounds and inner voices of a song that usually isn't heard on loud speakers can be heard using earphones. This is probably the main reason why I love using headphones. I got so used to it that it literally became a habit, a habit that I later realized isn't good, especially when walking along the streets.

I once had an incident that almost took my life because of the habit of always using headphones whenever am out walking. It happened one morning on my way to work. The cab dropped me a few blocks away from my office building due to traffic jam. While walking along the street, I was so caught up listening to music that I forgot I was crossing an intersection. I failed to look both ways and walked right in front of a speeding vehicle. People around were screaming at me and the car honked severally but I didn't hear a thing because of the headphones. A selfless passer by ran towards me and pulled me away. A second later would have been late for me. From that day on, I stopped the habit of using headphones oftenly while walking the streets.

Using headphones as simple as it is might seem harmless, but in some cases like mine above, It can lead to a mishap. Asides my experience, i've also come to understand that constant use of headphones can cause a certain degree of health risk to the ear. I have a friend who's ears are partially damaged due to regular use of headphones on loud volumes. The probability of such happening to someone is very low, but it's better to prevent than sort for a solution if it happens.
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Whenever it comes listening to music, I love listening to music using headphones because with the use of the headphones accessories, you get to have a full and complete concentration on the music and also you get to hear all the beats and lyrics of the music very clearly.
External noise and distraction interfere with hearing music well, so with the use of headphones, the issue of noise and distraction are completely taken care of. Normally, I'm the traveling type of person and once I'm set on traveling, my headphones are never leaf out of my traveling items because it helps to keep me company and occupied while on transit. I have a preference for wireless headphones because it's comes with a better sound speaker that wire headphones.
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answered by ELITE (3,663 points) 7 14 56
When I listen to music I do always use a Bluetooth headphones especially the one I have bought that shapes like an ear. I just recently discover that type of Bluetooth when I keep looking for handy Bluetooth earphone. And it intrigued me to try one, it's good because if I listen to music or watch videos it will bot hurt my ears in a long run. Unlike the normal headset it will hurt my ears in a long run. So I am happy with my Bluetooth earphone becomes handy to me whenever I listen to music if I wanted too. and no cord too. I will used headphone if I will do karaoke sing because it produce more quality sound and speaker. I think they both handy the cord and the cordless headphone, they have different purpose to give. The cordless is less hassle unlike with the cord one.

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