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Most suicide attacks carried out in the world are done by Islam religion followers. Does this mean that Islam is a violent religion? 
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I don't agree that Islam is a violent religion. I think they have strict laws. This is especially true for women. My friend from work came from the Middle East. Her ex-husband beat her. But this is not because of religion, I hope. He was a cruel man. She received a visa for political asylum. But now the rules for obtaining such visa have become more stringent. It's a pity that there is so much cruelty in the world.

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I believe that it is not the religion will violent but it's people.
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Islam is rigged with violence , most religious extremist we know of today are all Muslims. 

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Generalizing this will be pitying this religion against evil. Though many suicide bombings and terror attacks have been done by Moslems does not mean all Moslems are bad. No, but there are radicals like some we have in Christianity. It is, therefore, wrong to make it a general judging of our Moslem brothers.

Accordingly, people in certain areas happen to have some behavioural patterns. Most people who are in Islam happen to be violent. The violence oozes itself to other members too. It is no wonder then that you will find a terrorist thirsting to be a Moslem and doing his evil while hiding in Islam. We should pray for them.

In conclusion, it is not in good taste to judge others. We should leave the judgement to God go is perfect. All men have erred and fallen short of the glory of God.
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Most people in Islam do not happen to be violent. Just like you said, bad people also hide under the cloak of chriatianity, as well as other faiths. 

The behavioral pattern you refer to are of those in certain regions affected by inhumane treatment by the so called world leaders. They have suffered many faiths we can only imagine. Unfortunately, they chose a wrong way of making their voices been heard. Have you ever wondered why the majority of the so called terrorists come from one region? 
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That is the thing. I do t think that it is good to attach things like this to one religion. I have some Moslem friends and they have been really nice to be with as well. I believe that it is always a wrong notion to say that a particular religion is violent in nature. 
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Even though you chose to use the word most, the topic itself suggest otherwise. So am to begin by correcting your statement in the narration of this topic. Not all attacks, be it suicide or killings, are carried out by Muslims. Attacks of this nature has been going on long before it's constant association with Muslims.

How many Muslims do you personally know? Now, tell me how many of those Muslims you know behave or act violently always? I guess you have your answer now, but am still going to speak further in order to make my point clear.

The Oxford dictionary defines terrorism as the unlawful use of violence, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. The word terrorist and terrorism was originated during the French revolution in the 18th century. If we were to go by this definition, do you honestly believe that violence of this nature hasn't been going on way past 18th century times? Then why do other attacks carried out by non-muslims never get to be called terrorism? This is because the word terrorism gained mainstream recognition after American President Ronald Reagan used it to refer to a 1983 bombings in Beirut carried out by a group of angry Muslims, and also President George Bush after september 11 world trade center bombings. Ever since, it's become a norm. Every attack on civilians carried out by a Muslim automatically becomes terrorism. I guess this is the reason why most non-Muslim think Islam is violent religion.

Islam is no different from Christianity in a religious manner. In fact, the major difference between Christianity and Islam is their method of prayer and the belief of Prophet Muhammad, which Christians do not believe in, and Jesus Christ the Almighty father, which Muslims believe him to be the prophet of God and not the father, son or holy spirit. Asides all these, almost every other thing in both religions are the same. The bible and Qur'an have the same gospels and historically stories in common. So, I don't see why people should think Islam preaches violence. Islamic books have writing translations in English just like the bible, you can easily get one and see the contents for yourself.

Hence, I'll like to add that violence has and will always be a part of man's nature. History has shown us many brutal wars waged on men against themselves. Even the general values and cultures, relationships between nations and freedom to stroll around the world were all built on blood, blood of many innocence. The attacks we refer to terrorism has been around for as long as history can tell us. It's just unfortunate that most talked about attacks are those carried out by misguided Muslims, while other attacks by non-muslim are either ignored or don't make headlines as terrorism.
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I concur with this analysis that you have illustrated in this well thought of answer. Before we actually through the first stone at a culprit, we should examine the circumstances and factors that surround those acts. A person may turn violent because he may think that he has not been treated fairly. This person may come from all wakes of life, religion or spectre. It is unfortunate that we do not examine the reasons behind the actions before we throw the stone.

Islam has it's five pillars of faith. Among their beliefs was Jihad, which is termed as holy war. I do not know the reasons why they came about holy war in the first instance but it was there in their teachings. This might have created room to evil people who hid behind the faith and Jihad to wage war against the system that they thought treated them unfairly. Some terror attacks are really uncalled for. Those injured mostly are innocent people who do not know about these unfairness.

Another error that these bad actors do is to pull Islam into their game. They often shout things like, Allah Akbar, during these attacks. This makes the violence point in the direction of the Islam religion.

However, Islam is just a religion like any other and with bad actors like we have in other religions too. Let us learn to love and accommodate each other.

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Jihad is a word that has been used severally and misinterpreted out of context. Jihad was used during the historic times of war. While muslims feared the wrath of killing and fighting that was going on because they had to defend themselves, they were made to understand that they were fighting "jihad" a holy war that would not be counted against them. 
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Jihad is not among the five pillars of islam (faith, prayers, charity, fasting and pilgrimage to mecca), and neither is it a stand alone belief in Islam. Jihad is just an arabic word used to refer to an act of struggle by early muslims. You need to understand the difference between Islam and arabic traditions. Just because it's Arab, doesn't make it islam. 

During the time of the Prophet, early muslims used the word Jihad in referring to certain actions like a person's personal struggle to kill his inner demons and turn to a righteous path (born-again), exertion to convert nonbelievers (evangelism), and efforts towards betterment of the society. This is the Qur'an and Islamic definition of Jihad. So how does war relate or come into play in Jihad? 

The two main sources of Islamic knowledge are the Qur'an, which is the word of God and the Hadith, which is the teachings and recorded life of the Prophet. Just like early Christians, the Hadith gives account of the struggles of early muslims. They were caught, persecuted and killed for practicing islam. At some point, they had no choice but to fight back in order to gain their freedom. This was the one time Jihad was used in the Hadith in relation to war. It's understandable because they were fighting against their persecutors, fighting for the right to worship and make their society a better place for tomorrow. 

Do you now understand why Islamic critics use Jihad as reference for the actions of radical muslims against westernerns?  

On the point of muslims shouting Allahu Akbar. The origin of terror groups like Isil is as a result of bad faith the society has left people of the said region to suffer over many years. They suffer from constant oppression, get driven from their homes making their lives miserable, all of which they believe happens because they are muslims. The situation only worsens as western countries, which are mostly non-muslim, happens to be involved in the affairs of their society. 

 Do you now understand why misguided muslims wrongly use jihad as a stand point for unholy acts of killings and destructions. 

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The truth of the matter is that most of the religions that we have in the world always claim to be that of peace and unity and that always got me thinking who and who are then the people causing havoc in our society. I think that something that is necessary for us to see is the need for us to understand that Islam is a religion of peace and can never and ever support violence. That some of the people that are Islams get involved in this crisis of a thing got nothing to do with religion as in some cases, some of them are just being used by politicians to perpetuate some of those evils especially when they are living in some less developed countries.

The time for us to unite as one irrespective of religion, culture, color, language etc and work towards bringing world peace is now for it will help to bring better things to the world we live in.
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Islam is not a religion of violence because it does not teach anyone to be violent at all. For you to understand a religion completely, you need to learn all the teachings of the religion by the book. It is true that the believers and the followers of a religion are the reflection of its teachings but it is also true that there could be many misinterpretations and actions out of context.
If you take the time to understand Muslims and the religion, you'll see that it is not what the media says it is all the time. The perpetrators of these crimes totally disregard what Islam says about kill innocent people. Do you now judge an entire religion because of the actions of a group of misguided people who are guising under the religion to commit evil?
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I don't think Islam as a region is a violent one. I know topic like this often spring up because of what is being done by those peole perpetuating all kinds of inhuman activities under the disguise of islamic doctrine. From personal experience I've had with people practicing Islam, I have discovered that they are peace loving people. It just that some of them that are misguided have stained the religion with their act of extremism.

Undoubtedly, Islam have stringent laws that restrict them from living a life that's like that of the liberalists. And if these laws are broken there are corresponding consequences that goes with them. For instance, if you're an offender of these laws, you would be meant to face judgement from sharia law court.

But one thing I dislike about these laws is that they always try to enforce them on people that are not practicing them. But apart from this, Islam is not a violent religion.
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For sure so many serious bombings have been done by Islam religion though i am not sure using the word violent to describe this would be the right word but for sure this is a concern that i have been having personally in my life. I keep on asking "WHY?" Why do they do this? why do they involve themselves in this heartless actions? Who wronged them? What are they revenging at such that to an extent that they kill even their own people. Personally i have witnessed the attacks in our country.

So many groups have been formed that involve this religion, look at how Nigeria is today, look at Somalia today and this is just a section of Africa. They have left the whole world in fear. This has brought enmity between them and the society, for example where i live these people are seriously feared, even associating with them have become difficult because you will not tell the innocence of a person by just outward appearance.  I hope that some day this will change.
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Their is a mistake people are making.People practicing a religion and the religion itself are too different things.You may be a nice person and still be a Muslim and you may be a wicked person and be a Muslim.They are two different things.

I have met nice Muslims and I have met wicked ones but my question is what are some rules binding this religion?? To me,Islam is a violent religion..or how do you explain a religion that allows a married woman to be stoned to death because she commited adultery.. A religion that allows people to be beheaded because they tore the holy quaran,a religion that allows people "s hand to be cut just because they stole something.. Now..I'm now saying stealing is good but cutting the hand is not just right..their are lighter sentences that are humane..

Then we have the issue of Boko Aram,Isis and so many of them.Are they not Muslims.. But because they  wreck havoc,Muslims decided to distance themselves from them but the truth is they are Muslims.

Islam is a violent religion.. And seeing people follow this religion surprises me..a religion that represses women..a religion that believes in wars and that one a religion of peace?? Nooo
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I'm glad that you recognized that a religion and people practicing the religion can be different. I implore you to look up the rulings of Islam on these things you mentioned and not what you've heard. 
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I don't think i am in the right path to condemn or judge any religion, we are all living in a world that is full of judgement, but the thing is we all have our flaws no one is perfect. Islam is not a bad religion, we can not say that because we will be judging everyone who is a muslim and that's not right. Sometimes you have potatoes stack up in a sack, and you might come across some potatoes that are rotten, does that mean all the potatoes are bad? Obviously not. A few people make the religion bad because of the things they do to gain something from it. For me i find muslims very devoted to their religion, they are very prayerful, kind/ generous and considerate people. If we all prayed like them i think we would be a better people. Kind hearted to one another and always giving a helping hand.
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Islam is a religion like so many other religions around the world. People worship their God in peace and pray several times a day. Most of these people are like you and me and so many others around the world. They are not violent people and just want to live in peace and worship their God that is all. What happens in a lot of these countries is not the fault of the religion but the fault of the people who try to use the religion to destroy others. Wars about religion have been going on since the beginning of time. When Hitler killed all the Jews did he do this in the name of God or was it because he was sick and did not really understand their religion. There are many people who do not fully understand the religion and this can make them dangerous if they interpretative it the wrong way. I know so many Islam people and their beliefs are different than mine but this does not make them bad people. This just makes them different. They are kind, loving, respectful, and hardworking men and women who just want a chance to be happy like all of us do. We can not really judge all the people based on a few bad people and what they do to try and hurt others. This way the entire race and religion suffers if we do this. 

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