No man is an island. Do you believe that your decision could be bad or good to someone?
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Decision making has to involve someone. it's never about you. That's why we are always told before you make a decision think very clearly because there is someone who will either be happy or not, so yes our decisions will definitely affect someone in some way.

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The world that we are living in is not an island as you rightly pointed out as almost everything that we do is something that is going to affect the way people around us react. One thing that I don't always forget is that as a people, we are always meant to live right and do something that is good. Take for instance, someone that is living closer to your place of residence being a smoker. There is this high tendency that once the person starts smoking while around the hood, and you not being a smoker, that you are likely going to feel bad about it. One is that there smoker may think that the smoke doesn't go far without knowing that it is affecting your health already.

So, there is need for us to always do the right things as the good things we do must always reflect on the lives of others one way or another.
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Good example. Second hand smoker is still affected and to make it worst,they are suffering severely because someone decided to smoke near them instead of smoking in the smoking area.
That is the thing. The people that are smoking won't really understand how their actions are affecting these people living near them unless they are being told. This is something that need changes for everyone to live in peace and unity. 
I think they are aware but they will not manage to be when no one is watching or no one caught them. Some people are asking for smoking area in different buildings but some are even smoking inside the restaurant, I think they are not aware that they are being caught...
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Yes, because the world runs in circles and whatever goes around comes around. The decisions we take in life might as well favours, make or Mar another success or progress. My uncle just lost his plum banking job because a greedy senior colleague dented the account book without their knowledge and got all of them sacked. You see the senior colleague took the decision to steal from the bank but that decision has cost about 6 people their jobs.
A decision we take in life most times doesn't only affect us but others too.A married man decided to have a mistress and at the end of the day that singular act will scatter his family,make the children go through untold hardship and the wife having a broken home.That is why we should be careful of our decision.
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Yes, that is the good example of it. Decisions really affect us even though we don't know each other because it brings changes. The one that is good to us, might be bad for others. 
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There are two sides to this question that need to be addressed. Why are you making those decisions? Are they sorely for yourself? Are you making them for others?
Let us begin by a simple decision here, you decide to take a birth. This decision is sorely yours. Yet, it will have to affect others. People will see you as smart and you will not smell before them. Your decision has affected others. You become admirable through your grooming.

There is a time you are in power. You steal from the coffers kitty. Your decision will affect others because you will deny others their respective rights. Money that would have been used to develop an area has gone to a single pocket and may be used wrongly.

There are some decisions that we make with others in mind. You decide to build a dispensary in your area. This will help many people.

In conclusion then, I concur with you that your decisions affect others.
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My decision affects others because it changes everything. It changes the plan. Also, I am affected by other's decision like in work. It could give me a comfortable day at work if they are not changing decisions, but if not, it could be very tedious
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I totoally agree with you that no man is an island. Apparently what one does or decision one makes has the tendency of affecting another due to the fact the world we are living in is governed by the law of orderliness. It's for this very reason that one can't just sit down and decide to do anything that is not promoting the systematic running of this orderliness.

Every decision made from top to the bottom must be in uniformity and comformity to this law. Any decision made by any individual or group of persons that is contrary to the smooth operation of this law is perceived as contravention of it.
More importantly, whenever one person makes good decision, it is obviously for the good of all, and it's for the promotion of the orderliness that keeps us going as a coherent unit. Same it is when another person makes bad desion, which would indeed be seen as an attempt to tear down the force uniting us.
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Yes, I can see this when the president of the country decide to decide for the majority and for the good of the people that will be receiving the service. That is why he makes sure that every decision will be good to all.
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Human relationship is subjected to cause and effect. This means that in anything which you do in life, it's definitely going to be have both positive and negative effects on people who live in close proximity with you and it can still possibly have some effects on some people who are far from your point of action. There is a popular saying in my country that once a finger touches oil, the other four rest of the fingers will be affected either positively or negatively.
This is why it's always advised to people that whenever you are doing something even if it's something that is meant for your own personal use, try very much to consider that whatever you are doing might spill over its effects to other people around you, so being cautious is very important.
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I have to agree. If you are coming to a decision make sure to weigh down some options and it would be the best for all. That is why decision making is a very tough job, it could affect anyone, even people you don't know.
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I believe all of the decisions we make in life can have an effect one another person whether negatively or positively, directly or indirectly. Most especially the people that love us and care about us.

I think it doesn't really matter if you are making a decision solely for yourself. For instance, if you decide to just feel happy today and block out all of your worries, then you carry a smiling face all around the place, you'd be radiating that same energy to the people around you and even if it is just for that moment, they'd be happy with you.

If you look at our lives as a huge mass of interconnected energy, you'd understand that each person is a link connecting to the other person. This remind me of an African saying, "Ubuntu." which means "I am because we are."
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good example. If you decided to be happy and positive, then you will radiance it with everyone and you could inspire one people, then that people will inspire one or two and it will served to everyone they meet.
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Not every decision we made, affect others. Some decisions affects. This is competitive world. So much competitions here. If we win the competition, some one get affected. That is inevitable. 
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Yes.  Iagree that every decision that we make,affects the others. It can be felt in the life of everyone. If you announce the decision,you will have to face the Positive and Negative reviews.
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Yes our decisions affects others, even when the outcome of the decisions impacts us personally.  For example if I decide not to eat, it may bother my love ones  that it will lead to more serious outcome. So in one way or the other our decision and actions affects others.
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Making decisions is something we do every day, so I wanted to find out more about how this process works and what affects the choices we make. It turns out, there are some really interesting ways our decisions are affected that I never would have guessed. Luckily, we can take action to improve most of these.

What happens in your brain when you make decisions

Obviously lots of things take place inside your brain as you make a decision. What I found really interesting were the various things that affect our brain’s decision-making process without us ever realizing.
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When I do decisions for myself, I took full responsiblilty of them. People close to using may be affected or not. True friends will be supportive if there is something wrong with the decisions. Moreover, family will always there all throughout.
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Each and every decision that we make has a consequence no matter what. And at the same time, the decisions which we make may affect others for instance, if you decide to work more hours  in the office to earn extra incentive, it will be good for covering your expenses and you will live better out of debt, but if you are a parent, your absence will affect your children. 
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