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Everyne needs someone to survive and having a friend in a place, either your neighborhood or work place, can boost your energy to live everyday. However, if you don't have friends can you stay in that place, or it is not really important?
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Somebody said that friends are relatives we make for ourselves.

It is prudent to stay in such a place and make new friends. It will be exciting to see the friend list grow from zero into numerous numbers.

Never ever feel shy about exchanging pleasantries with strangers. They are prospective friends in the making. You canater invite them for tea and you wi be amazed at how the numbers will grow.

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I am not closing my doors to strangers. They are all welcome to my life but as long as they are helping me, I make friends but when I know they influence me bad I will avoid them.
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It is important to have friends. But it is very important to become independent.

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You should be very familiar with the old saying that no man is an island, that tells you very well that it's going to be very impossible for anyone to survive in the whole world all alone without friends. One logical reason for this is that you can't do everything by yourself and for yourself, so there are definitely going to be some things that you are going to be needing the assistance of other people to help you get it done and in a situation whereby you are all on your own, it's not possible to get such assistance.
Personally, I don't have anything to do with anyone that is not a friend or someone I see as an enemy. Even to talk to such person is not an option for me. So, imagine being hated by every single person in the world, you are definitely bound for death.
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Still being alone is really sad. I don't want to find myself alone while I am seeing a crowd laughing and being happy. However, it is much better to be alone if I cannot connect with people around me.
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Yes,why not I can stay in any place that is convenient and comfortable for me without friends.i think the most important thing is the environment where I need to stay not necessarily about me having friends.

The best bet is always to have it at the back of your minds that we can make and have good friends everywhere and shouldn't be about us importing friends from place to place. When once we have this mindset then we can go live anywhere without thinking twice.

I have had this mindset since my teenage days that's why I don't mind moving anywhere when I need to.i have left my family and friends almost all the time to different part of my country for work related things and never felt off even for once because I'm a very friendly person and I make friends easily. So it never a problem to me.
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That is a good idea, and I will always think remember. I have to agree that we can make friends wherever we go and to make it happen is to start being friendly. 
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You can never really underestimate the need to have friends even if they are just two good friends. Few years ago, I used to be in that situation where I was the indoor type and always not there for others when they need me. I lived my life on the basis of not thinking of what I am going to gain when I associate with others. Sadly, it got to the point where I started feeling depressed and discouraged about life. This made me to read up on ways that I can be able to associate with people.

See, one of the ways that you can easily make friends is by talking with people. Get to ask them how they are doing, how they are progressing in their phases of life and the rest. This way, they will get to see that you sincerely care and would want to be your friends.
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The problem of mine is that I cannot connect with some people. Since I am getting old, I find myself don't understand the younger ones. I love to mingle with them but sometimes I don't understand them at all, but still I want to be friendly.
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I know that it may not always be easy for you to adapt to the younger ones especially with the way some things are going. However, this is something that is easy to do if you are really looking to improve. Just try to work things out and even when you make mistakes, you can easily correct them. 
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From what I observe I am open to change, but some of the younger ones around me are doing non sensible things like gaming while working and pretending to work when the boss is around but doesnt meet the deadlines. It is really hard to reach out because most of them are hard headed so I go on my way instead.
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It is important to have friends and neighbors just as you said they boost ones moral and all sort if inspiration but one's life must never depend on friends or people around.

Most times it pays to stay alone and hiddle to enjoy a decent comfort and focus on a better life than have people around whom if care is not taken wouldn't dream or want you greater than them.

I actually prefer to invest more on research and play games than jumping around with friends always, but don't misqoute me; friendship isn't expected to be bad but the humans have turned it to envy class and also a class where if not careful one's life will be built around someone else life whom ways and destiny differs.

Thus, it all depends on ideology and circumstance in due, some person have made it through a positive friendship too but when you weigh the statistics of good friends to the bad ones, distance pays most.
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Me too, if I found new people and I don't understand them, I will just be with myself. However, I am talkative and I always want to mingle that is why it will be difficult to be when I am alone and everyone is having a good time.
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Yes! I can stay a place like I've been doing for years now without a close friend. I only have acquaintances that we do exchange pleasantries from distance, but I can't call them friends. Sincerely, I have come to realized that most people we call friends are not true friends but frenemies. They are only posing as friends but they cannot play the role of a true friend. Why having someone you call a friend that can't be of help to you when you're in dire need? I thought they usually say that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

When I was much younger, I used to see friendship as necessity, because I was making them at an uncontrollable rate. But as I grew older, I began having a better definition of the qualities a friend should possess before I can outrighly refer to him/her as one. And now, from what I have experienced, that a friend is a potential enemy and an enemy is also a potential friend.
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Me too. I keep few people, I only have two that are trustworthy. I have friends at work but since I cannot connect with them anymore and I am too out of place, I rather focus on my work.
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Friends are in fact important in our lives. They can come from anywhere and could be anyone. You just need to know who to let into your life. I read somewhere that friends are like life support. They make everything look and feel better just by being around.

Having said that, I know I can live in a place where I don't have any friends. Even now, I don't have any friends around me because I live downtown. I only mingle at work. So it is more virtual with my friends since we communicate over the internet.

I think it is very much possible for anyone to live in a place without friends. Humans are flexible and can adapt to any situation. These days, others live their lives on the media. They have friends that they've never met before.
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There are people who can live a life without friends and they can survive even though they are alone. Some can't. Me, I think it makes me sad but it became a habit now that I will work alone and as a team player when needed.

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