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Training up a child, according to my scripture, means that you shouldn't spare the rod (cane)  when they disobey you. Do you still use the rod on your kids? 
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Yes of course. My mother brought me up using canes and my own kids are not an exception to getting flogged when they misbehave. But I prefer giving them punishments instead of too much flogging, so they don't get used to being flogged. 
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Oh no I do not and would never do that. Maybe a little pinch for small mistakes. I prefer to talk to my kids. I explain the mistake and let them know why I am not happy with their action and to not repeat it again. It does work
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I have not have grown up kids that I can flog with cane but I can still do that if it is necessary. 

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I don't have kids yet but I know that I would definitely think twice before I decide to lash on them. Growing up in this part of the world, it is totally normal and common to see parents disciplining their children by flogging. These kids learn like this, emulate their parents and the circle continuous.

There are many other ways to discipline kids. Although, I also believe that emotional hurt is as serious as physical hurt. We shouldn't spare the rod and then go on hurting kids emotionally in the name of reprimanding them.

A child should be told clearly when they do wrong, the consequences of their actions be it good or bad, and the reason they are getting punished. I think that every sensible child will learn easily like that.
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Here in the west of the world this practice has been forgotten for a long time, we have chosen to use the word without having to think about violence, that has produced children with less attitude and much more rebellious.
I do not say that I agree to whip the children but I am not against a reprimand from time to time, for me that character and gives an image of respect to the father figure. That's what I say because I've never gone through I was raised with a strong character, I feel I could have been reprimanded a little more and that it could have had positive consequences in my life, but I'm not sure.

However, it seems a little troglodyte that way of raising a child in these times, because nobody is a secret that the word is worth much more than a violent act without necessity. In addition, parents can already be informed of committing such crimes (yes, it is considered a crime), but that depends on the beliefs of each family.
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It's funny how you asked the question on whether people use canes to discipline their kids. Off course no one would say yes as it's almost seen as inhumane and an act of violence which can affect a child mentally.

But I kind of get where you're coming from. Am Nigerian just like you, we both understand that situations of this nature has been and will almost be a part of our upbringing. But we have to admit that it's really a wrong decision to discipline a child in this manner. There's no situation that can't be handled by talking about it instead of caning.

Unfornately, a large number of us from this part of the world got our share of whips, so it's almost natural for us to employ the same methods on our kids. It will be really hard to put an end to this practice over here.

As for me, whips wouldn't be an option when I start having kids. I don't want to make the same mistakes our parents made as beating a child sometimes only makes it worse, and might very well lead to some level of unfriendship between kids and their parents.
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Yes,I do but not as often as I used other form of punishments.Infact, I rarely used the cane because it seem it doesn't help bring out the best in children it more like an instant way of punishing a child without much impact. I prefer to give a good punishment that will make positive impact.

No need flogging a child who hasn't done a chore or completed his or her homework. I simply deny the child the pleasure of seeing a cartoon or playing with friends so as to complete the needed chores and I know it will be more painful and impacting than flogging. Some kids become addictive to caning and don't mind being stubborn since they're used to the cane. So it better to use other forms of punishment too but if it needs just caning then better,then flogging and letting go should be enough.
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I'm going to be very honest with you about using cane on my children, I do flog them especially when I know that they deserve being flogged. Once they are not abused with the canning, there is absolutely nothing wrong with punishing them by flogging. Personally, I was flogged mercilessly by my mother when I was still a teenager and I'm still alive today better person than I used to be back then and it's all because of how my mother brought me up on good morals.

I have resorted to flogging my own children only when they took their misbehaviors off the limit, that only talking to them wouldn't be very efficient and effective in passing my message to them. So, I would combine both flogging them and also placing them on punishment in order to reinforce values and morals to their lives.
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