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When it comes to making use of gadgets, it means that there are lots of us that are using it at their homes. What is the most useful gadget that you have at home? 
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We used mobile phone most of the time and computer, so I think that's the most useful at home.
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My mobile phone is my useful gadgets, because I am into researching and I research anything under the sun, I use WIFI to have internet and I can do it. Also, my mobile phone is my calendar, my mirror, my alarm clock and my television.

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For me, it is my mobile phone. It is a very great invention of our times, I would say,  it is the only gadget which is and which has all-in-one in it. Yes. You can do a lot of things with your mobile phone. Some of the many things that you can do with your mobile, following are a few.

1. You can talk to someone and receive calls as well.

2.You can use it at anywhere you like and at any time of the day or night.

3. You can share information and photos through WhatsApp.

4. You can surf the internet.

5. You can see the movies you like.

6. You can use it as a camera.

7. You can download the useful apps you like enjoy the same.

8. You can use the inbuilt features like the ,calculator', 'torch' etc.

In fact, the utilities offered by a mobile phone are manifold.
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The mobile phone has become pretty needed at hone and it is because of the numerous benefits that we can get by having it. This is something that is essential when we are looking at the things that matters to us as humans. 
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There are so many home appliances that are very expensive and important in my house but it's only three among them all that I simply cannot afford not to have in my home. They are ;

Washing machine.
Gas cooker/oven

Television and DSTV decoder.

If you get to see the heap of clothes which are always packed for me wash every weekend, if I were to wash them using my hands, they are definitely going to peel off. So, the washing machine is my savior every weekend. It's only few clothes that I only get to wash using my hands because the washing machine cannot wash them thoroughly.

Cooking is another serious home work and with the use of my gas cooker, the job is made so much easier for me because in no distant time cooking with the gas cooker, the meal would be done.
As for television and DSTV decoder, they are gadgets of leisure and entertainment.
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Gas cooker is an essential property that we should have instead our homes and it is because we can always make good use of it while saving cost as well. 
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I have got some very useful gadgets in my home that I know it really helping to make work very easy here but my mobile phone seem to be the most useful to me now. I choose the phone because while others are just helping domestically to ease stress, My phone is helping financially and otherwise. So my mobile is helping me make money so as to maintain myself, itself and other gadgets which I believe it the most important factor. Having a gadget that can help generate money is the best gadget, so I give it up for my mobile phone.
Apart from revenue generation my phone is my source of information, I can be indoors all day but will be more informed than people out there. Some people outside the home might just be spreading rumours and gossip but I will know the fact through my internet enabled phone.
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We can't just undermine how far our smartphones have helped us to gain some knowledge. The thing is that it is one of the ways that we get to enjoy some good times as well. 

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