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First and for most you need to build the foundation of your site. And when everything is ready, you can promote your site using different social media accounts. Like for example, you can create Facebook page get your friends to like it. By then you can share or promote your link on your Facebook page where your friends can see it and they can share it.

You can use Instagram account, if you don't have an account, you can create pretty easy by linking your Facebook account. And from there you can follow everyone and they will follow back. You can promote your link from then.
You can also promote your ecommerce site using Youtube channel by creating sensible video and include your link on the description.
Try to be engage with your audience once they start a conversation so you can keep up with them.
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Traffic is the fuel which propels any kind of website to grow and yield profits for the website owners. Whether it's an e-commerce site or any other freelance site, traffic means exactly the same thing for both sites because it's what would open the doors for prospective customers and clients to patronize in the website business products and services offers.
Now, there is a good reason why the social media sites we have today are one of the coveted assets to any online business when it comes to generating traffic for their online businesses. The numbers game of this social media sites are what any websites looks at when incorporating them with their business because there are billions of people active on each and every one of these social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.
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The site called Lazada and Shopee is one of the online shopping site that has an app. Because of this, in order to spread the news about the site, the site needs to advertise in different social media network. Some of them pays a blogger just to be able to insert their ads below or above their blog. There are people who gets paid if they will share something about the site. I am not specific with the site though but there are people I see on Facebook posting about anything about the online shopping site. The site even use a picture of a specific item that is for sale. The amount for sale is even less than 70%, for sure if anyone will able to see that, they will get influenced to click it that will start to have traffic, for sure there will be lots of visitors of the site if they use that picture.
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