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I got into serious debate with group of friends on this topic. Which one do you think it the best form of rulership?
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I still and will always prefer democracy. A government should be about the people been governed and nothing more. It shouldn't be about the leaders. 
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I would still definitely pick democracy where people are entitled to their opinions. 

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I believe this is a question that requires an answer from a person's personal experience of governance. How has the system of governance affected you personally and the said region or country as a whole? I like to think this should be the actual reference needed in determining which system of governance is most suitable for country.

Drawing from the reference stated above, the democratic governance of my country which happens to be Nigeria, is performing poorly below expectations. My personal opinion is that military rule is the most suitable for my country.
Ever since the military handed over power to a democratically elected leader in 1999, very little has changed and have been achieved over the years. We continue to experience general breakdown in the law of governace, breach of public trust by our leaders and increasing looting of public funds. It is so bad that people opt politics as a professional career. They spend billions from their personal accounts on campaigns just to get into office with the hopes of recovering more than the amount spent before being elected. A poor person if elected, becomes a billionaire over night.

During the military rule, nothing of this nature as stated above were experienced. Things were far better than now. Products were cheap, petroleum was at a record low, the general cost of living was affordable below average. There was little or no conflicts and killings as we experience today. People in public offices were accountable for any mishap that occurred within their jurisdictions. There was complete enforcement of law and order. The only problem with military rule is the forceful enactment of laws without any public opinion or deliberation.

But I guess things are beginning to change with the new government in place. We've begin experiencing to a certain level changes needed by the populace. People in public offices are beginning to be held accountable for their actions. The economy has also seen a significant rise with our GDP ranking as the highest in Africa. But still, a lot hasn't been done, at least not enough to call our democratic government the best system in Nigeria.
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Democracy is the best. My country has ever been under the control of military after the government that was in control was overthrown. Although its been years ago and I was not born then, its been written in the history books and my mom had once told me about the experienced. According to her the experience, it was never good at all because the military personnel could set a curfew so that by certain time you shouldn't be found outside otherwise you'll face strict consequences. With millitary you cannot have that freedoms of talking like the case with democracy, also they're those kind of persons who don't want to be told what's right and what's wrong. I will never wish that to happen in any of the countries because its such a worse experience and will be limiting us our freedom to democracy.
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If you are looking at the form of government where the rights of the citizens are protected and guaranteed, then democracy would be the best form of government. Democracy is normally defined as the government of the people, by the people and for the people. Democracy is seen as the most ideal form of government in the world and it's what's advocated by all the world powers as the best government.

Now, on the other hand military government is a system of government whereby the military take control of all the government power and ruling as they see fit. Military government is normally regarded as government by force and civil rights are all thrown out of the window in all military government. My country Nigeria has passed through both military and democratic governments but at the moment, we are practicing democracy.
Democracy seems to be better military government.
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I don't think that there is any need to compare the government by democracy with what we always have with military regime. To be honest, this is not always the best way to compare as democracy gives people rights to a lot of things unlike what we have when we talk of military government. I have always worked in the best possible to ensure that I do things that will uphold democracy where I am staying and that should not be what we can talk when we are looking at the military regime.

Take for instance, there is a period of elections in a democratic government, but you can't say the same when we are talking about the military government. Also, people can have access to query some actions of the government in democratic era, but such is not the same for military government. So, the difference is really clear.
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In my opinion, democracatic system of government is the best system of government because of the full freedom of fundamental human right that is allows citizens to have access to and brings about accountability of leaders in such government  since democracy is defined to be government of the people by people and for the people.
By virtual of what I have experienced something far in my country so far,  democracy is a government of rich by the rice and for the thieves that are engaged in stealing government funds without proper accountability nor prosecution.
If we are to go by records of achievement the military era favoured my country in terms of development much than what the Democratic government has achieved in the past 17 years .
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