Accidents don't give signs when they are going to take place and most times, it gets fatal which results in loss of lives and properties. 

Have you ever been involved in any kind of accidents before? 
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I always thank God for not involving in any accident, and that's what I have always pray all the time. 

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I really can't remember exactly, but I was been into many accidents before. When I was young, while strolling down the streets, I found myself bleeding. My sister brought me home shaking, my mother even passed out. I remember I was just playing near a canal. I saw something in the canal that puts me there. I think my head bumped into the side of the canal that results to bleeding. I am not sure if I was rushed in the hospital. At our school, I also slipped from the wet floor and I even bumped into something hard while we were at our Physical Exercise subject. I am not that weak but we cannot control accidents from happening. We just need to be aware and focus of what we need to do when that happens. Being aware save lives and remember accidents happens all the time.
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I can still remember vividly the first contact I came with losing my life. It was a moment that I keep thanking God for saving my life from the hands of the evil one. This was back then that I was in junior secondary school and full of life. Back then, our school was like thirty minutes walk from our home, so we always find alternative routes when we are going to school.

One morning after I was set for school, I met my classmate then in the name of Wisdom. He is someone that I became close to because we were coming from one place. Our friendship grew mostly because we always board the back of a truck when we go to school without the driver not being aware.

On that fateful day, we jumped into one and it kept moving down to our school. It got to a point where he jumped off unscathed and it was when I wanted to jump off that I had a fall. I remain thankful that it was just minor injuries on my legs and no much. I learnt from that experience to always play safe.
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Yes I have. My first experience with an accident was with my mum behind the wheels. We were out doing some errand just about the same time kids closed from school.

They were lots of pupils moving on both sides of the road. This one girl comes out of nowhere trying to run across the street to meet up with friends. She failed to look both sides before crossing. Immediately, my mum hit the breaks when she spotted her running across.

Unfortunately, it was too late, just when the car came to a halt, we hit the little girl sending her feets high above the car before she came landing on the ground. My heart started beating faster than usual. We thought she was probably dead given the speed and impact. Luckily, she had no serious injuries, just a couple of bruises.
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I know some kidds too unaware sometimes of what they are doing, and forget the danger they are about to face. She is still kucky probably learned from what had happened.
Yeah. I hope she learned from that incident. That was about thirteen years ago. But I still get shaky everytime I think about it. 
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Partially, yes. Although my involvement in accident wasn't really fatal compare to other forms of accident which have taken people's lives, but it was very unforgetable to me due to how it happened and how I was miraculously saved from the cold hands of death. Actually, the cause of the accident was a motorcycle driver and it happened at the road side on one fateful evening when I was trekking from one of my evening strolls.
I was so carried away with so many things occupying my thought at that particular point in time that I didn't get to recognize that the motorcycle driver was approaching me. He came so fast at me with great speed and the motorcycle he was driving collided with the chin part of my left leg. At that moment, I thought the bone on that part of the leg has broken because the impact was too much. I held on to the leg with great pain and it took me some minutes to realized that it was only bruise the impact of the head of motorcycle made on my leg.

Thankfully, I was so happy despite the pain because on a normal circumstances such an impact was enough to break anybody's leg. May God be praised for saving me from this accident that would've condemned me to the use of crutches to walk.
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You must have been protected by God, that's good nothing serious injuries.
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I suppose that you are talking about road accidents. I have not been involved in a very catastrophic accident before. The one that I can recall is something I consider very minor.

It was early one morning. I was about to cross to the other side of an express way. I looked left, right and left again. I was sure to cross. As I reached half way to the other side, a biker came from God knows where and hit me by the side. The force pushed me to the end of the road across. I quickly got up just in time before another car approached. I got off with only a few bruises. My heart was pounding thunderously that moment.

Before that, I have never been involved in an accident before. I dread road accidents and often times, there are casualties. I pray that I will never be involved in an accident. These are the things we have no control over so we need to be really careful.
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Yes, I was involved in a car accident 5 years ago. It was terrible. Even now it is hard to remember this. As a result of an accident, I was injured. Although the injuries were not serious, I was very scared. But my sufferings didn't end there. The insurance company refused to pay me compensation for my medical bills. Appealed for help to a lawyer from Jae Lee Law. Only after that I got my money back. So I advise everyone to be vigilant!

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Yes, when I was 17 I was in a car with my friends. It was before the days of seat belts and we were overcrowded. The driver swerved to avoid some pedestrians, we crashed and rolled the car. I remember being in the dark and wondering if I was dead and then I was pulled out and an ambulance arrived. There were 7 of us in the car but thankfully no one was seriously hurt.
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Thank God. Till Now, I have never been involved in accidents. Accidents are terrible one. honestly, I couldn't say what will I do, If I am in the accident place. I may help them or just watch and leave. 
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