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For those who don't plait their hair, how often do you visit the barbing salon to have your hair cut?
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Before I used to wear a long hair so its long months before having hair cut but now my hair is really short I need to have it cut every 2 months

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Before, I really don't have plans of cutting my hair. I want it to grow long. Woman having a long hair looks like a crown put on her. However, when I decided to have my hair, have it as a wash and wear type, I let it trim every 2 months. I maintained my hair to be short, just below my shoulder. I love it that way. Maintaining to have it short makes it more healthier and comfortable. It is not really the wash and wear type but it is lighter than my hair before. I don't have any problems with tying it because I can just brush it with my hand. I will just need to maintain to have it conditioned before getting out of the house to not dry my hair. I also have a leave on or setting spray for hair to maintain the softness of it. Having it cut monthly makes my life easier.
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Having a hair cut is something that is necessary for those that don't plait their hairs. One thing about cutting the hair often is that you always look fine and cute unlike those that always leave their hairs unkempt. Since I was a kid, my dad always make it a point of duty that we visit the saloon every two weeks to have a nice hair cut. That made lots of the kids living around our neighborhood emulate the same simply because we are always looking smart every time that we went to school.
This singular attitude by my dad made me to adopt this attitude of having my haircut every two weeks. This continued for as long as I was in the University. I only changed it to having my haircut to once a week because I started having bears and need to visit the saloon in order to look nice.
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This the story or experience of any man who grows beards. You definitely can't stay more than a weeks without going to the salon. 

I go to the salon every 3 days for my beards and every week for my hair. 
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Well,for me since I'm a male I don't even think of plaiting or doing any other thing to my hair than cutting it.i usually have a clean shave at least once a week.I'm no fan of different styles when it comes to cutting my hair maybe it an influence from my father.He is one person that never really paid attention to barbing styles or trying to be stylish with it. With just clean cut he is okay.

I think a haircut should be done weekly especially for the guys or men to help keep one face and hair very neat.i know alot of my friends mostly get their beards and facial hair removed in the course of having a hair cut. So having one weekly is very essential and it will be a lot better if it done with one's clipper too. I cut mine with my clipper I don't need to joke about that.
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The cutting of my hair this days does not have time schedule for it, unlike before when I used to cut it at specific time frame. Presently, me keeping hair does not allow me to be cutting it every time. Maybe if I returned to my old hairstyle, I would be able to precisely tell when my hair is due for cutting.

When I was much younger,  I used to cut my hair every two weeks. Once that weeks is over, I know it time for me to cut it. The same pattern of cutting my hair followed me up to when I was in secondary school, which was where I even stuck to it the more.

But as time progresses, and as I began to experiment with different hairstyles, I didn't see the need of keeping the trend of cutting my hair up. Surprising, I switched to, when the hair is long enough, then it will be time to cut it. And that's how it has been for long right up to this very moment.

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