Normally, people are encouraged to have at least three bath in a day which should be taken morning, afternoon and night.

Some people take morning and night, while some take only once in day. There is also the possibility of some people not bathing at all in a day. 
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When I am tired and stressful events at work but I want to have a calming sleep at night, I go to bath because it is relaxing. It relieves the pain in my body and relieves the stress in my brain. However, during the regular days, I take a bath in the morning to prepare myself to work , or if during the weekend, I either go to bath after cleaning the house and doing the household chores and some exercise. I go to bath in the afternoon, mostly after all the hiatus. I love taking a bath. I love scrubbing my skin with some body scrub, putting on keratin conditioner on my hair and brushing my teeth for 10 minutes long. I love pampering myself with a warm bath. I love the scent of all my bath items. Bathing is my "ME' time and I enjoyed it most of the time.
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When I comes to bathing, I don't have specific number of times I am to bath in a day, but one thing is certain, a day won't pass without me bathing. I guess this is a result of the information I have about bathing. I learnt that it's not even healthwise ideal to bath every day, that there are important beneficial microorgainsims on the skin been washed away anytime we bath it, that's if done excessively as noticed with those bathing two to three times in a day.

Without being told, I know this discovery might raise a lot of eyebrows in the hearts of many, especially those from the tropical parts of the world where there is hot climate, which makes people to sweat profusely.  I strongly believed this discovery would not hold much water for them since they need to bath regularly as to wash off the dirts on their body as well as to regulate body temperature.

Personally, I usually take my bath depending on the present state of my body. Meaning that, I can bath up to three times in a day if the weather is hot causing me to sweat due to physical exertion. And I can also bath at least once in a day if the weather is cold especially during the harmattan season.
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For you to always look clean and neat, it is essential that you take your bath twice every day. This was the thing that my mom told me while we were still kids because I was that kid that don't enjoy taking my bath twice a day. The reason for such was that we always use cold water and it was always difficult and terrible for me to pour that kind of water on my body. We grew up to being forced to bath twice a day to the extent that dear mom made it a rule that you can't sleep in the house unless you are ready to have your bath at night and you know before we go to school, we used to have the first one.

That attitude made us to see the need for having our bath twice a day and before you know, it became part of our lifestyle. We have this excess water in the village and when we travel home then, we even take our bath thrice a day as we grew to love having our bath often. Till date, I always appreciate mom for teaching us those good things of life.
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For real people don't bath at all,then they need some evaluation why wouldn't someone take a bath even if it once dsily which is like the minimum.I don't think all the fragrances in this world will be able to mask all the awful smell that will be oozing from such a body.

I take my bath at least twice daily or more depending on my routine and the weather of the day.if I was alot busy in the day I will take my bath immediately I get home and then again before bedtime but when I'm less busy twice will be enough but this again depends on the weather too,a very hot weather will see me bathing thrice even in a less busy day because I still be sweating but in a cold weather which I know I sweat less and get cold more I might just bath twice daily.
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I take bath only once in a day in the morning. Of course, it all depends on one's need and the place where they reside. People residing in tropical countries are more likely to take bath twice or thrice in a day. And it may be necessary also because of the hot climate they are living in.

At the same time, people who have a day job and have to work for a nine to six schedule may not be in a position to take bath in the afternoon as you say. At the most, they can take bath at night before going to bed. I used to do that in the summer months of April and May here in India. Taking bath before going to bed is also recommended by  many doctors as it induces good sleep for the individual concerned. It is true because I have experienced it and found useful.
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I subscribe to bathing three times per day and I believe it is the most balance healthy nutrient to human skin. It is highly hygienic to at least wash one's body through the system of bathing morning, afternoon, and night before going to bed. Though there are many circumstances where I do take my bath just twice per day perhaps due to some unforeseen circumstances beyond personal reasonable control.
It is however true that when you take your bath at least three times in a day uiu become more healthier than someone who only bath ones or twice per day. Bathing three times regularly without skippinghelos to cure heal or skin related diseases such as body odour and others.

Conclusively, bathing regularly is good. Always bath regularly.
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I take my bath two times a day. Sometimes I do it three times depending on the weather, physical activities and how much irritated I feel. I love to feel comfortable in my skin always. I would give anything to feel that shower freshness 24hrs a day. I hate getting all sweaty hence I take my bath accordingly.

I remember a time when I was taking my bath once a day because I was at a place where the weather was really icy cold and all I did was study all day and late into the night. I wasn't getting stressed or fatigued and I had the freshest feeling all day.

Well, never say never but I don't think that I can go a day without having a bath. I just cannot do it. I think that is a daily routine that should not be skipped. At least once a day will do.
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There is an adage that cleanliness is next to Godliness.  This is a fact because under normal circumstances you can be dirty and be comfortable communicating your God.
Generally bathing is very important to our body systems because it enable us to remove stress and makes the body lighter.
I am mostly subscribed to two times bathing on daily basis,  when I wake up in the morning, I ensure I take my bath before I go out for the daily activities. In the evening before going to bed I also take my bath to have smooth and peaceful night rest however,  there are some days when I have hectic day or the weather  becomes very hot,  I take my bath three times daily which includes afternoons.
People who don't bath at all will always have highly concentrated body odour and their bodies will always be heavy all the time.
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Oh wow! Three times a day to take a bath? That is really too much. Normally I only take a bath 3 times a week and the rest is just a half bath. My reason because I don't want to wet my hair everyday that will cause my hair fall out. I think three times a day to take a bath is really too much, I never heard someone doing that. Or maybe there are people who doing that but, for what reason? Not unless you work on a dirty site and you have to take a bath in order to be clean. My children I only give them one shower in a day and that is before bedtime not unless they going to school. When I was a kid I only go shower in the morning before going to school because we don't have time to have a shower when we get home from school. It's only because it almost dark.
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It depends. In rainy season, I take a bath only once. But in summer time i take a bath two times a day. Based on my body condition, I will take a bath. 
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Oh taking 3 times a day, usually I have taken twice a day, and normally once a day. But sometimes it becomes 2 times a day but never ever 3 times a day so far.
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I bath for One Time in a Day.My Friends bath for Two Times,but i bath One Time.There is the shortage of Water in our House.I don't waste the Water.If i feel that i should bath,i do.
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Sometimes the number of times I bath depends on the activities I did. But on a normal day I usually have my bath once, but if I did so much work that involved sweating then I have to shower in the evening to wash away the sweat to enable proper sleep. 
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May I take three baths in a day often. If I am not able to do this, I definitely take twice. This freshen up the mood and also removes my day's tiredness. 
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