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Paying a visit to the cinema is something that most of us always do and enjoy doing. However, with the improvement in technology, the importance of cinemas seem to be declining. Do you still go to cinemas?
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Yes cinemas are affected by technology. You can now just buy DVD or download a movie or stream using the internet. But cinema experience is different so people continue to go to cinemas even once a year
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I try as much as possible to visit the cinema house at least once in every two months. By then, there would be enough movies to watch. 
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Not anymore, it is cheaper to watch movie at home than to go to cinema.
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Definitely, it's a lot cheaper to watch movies at home but it's a lot more fun to watch at the cinema. 

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I really love watching movies, it's been a long time since I don't visit cinema anymore. My reason is just being practical. You buy a ticket then after that, you need to buy foods and drink. And you have sit there for two hours maximum. Meanwhile, if you have your own Netflix subscription, an HD television or even your computer. You can sit and relax with your family watching your favorite movies together. It doesn't add up any cost from your pocket just the regular subscription.
If i want to remember, the last time I went to cinema was year 2011. And the movie I watch with my workmates is Twilight Saga. It was a good movie but it is too pricey when its on top of the list movies. So, I rather watch movie at home than going to cinema. At home , I can stand up freely and walk freely anytime I want and just press pause and play.
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Technology has really improved a lot of things that have to do with our life. This is the best that has even ensured that we enjoy our life at home instead of having to go to the cinema. 
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Indeed, our world evolves so much with technologies and you do things freely at home and same some bucks and more time with family.
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Not as I can remember. I barely have time to go to the cinema this days unlike before when I was much younger. Sincerely, I used to fancy the idea of going to the cinema to watch movies or football matches between me and friends when we were in secondary school.

And this was caused because we were boarding students. We usually find our ways to escape from the tight security in our hostel to go get ourselves fun-filled time at the cinema, especially if it was during the weekend, and there were important live matches like the world cup. After the matches, since most of them were played in the daytime, we will stay behind watching martial art or India movies.
But all that changed when I finished my secondary school, perhaps due to the proliferation of digital devices, which I was opportuned to watch all the movies and matches shown at the cinema.
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The time constraints is something that we all faced in everything that we plan to do on a daily basis. This is why some of us don't even have time to have fun sometimes with the people around us and I believe creating time to visit the cinema is kinda difficult. 
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Everything about visiting the cinema depends on the kind of movie that I wish to watch. If it's a blockbuster movie that has been so much anticipated, then I'm definitely not going to miss out going to the cinema and watch it in high definition version. The high definition of cinema movies is what attracts me to visiting the cinema hall always. Movies played in the cinema house is practically different from how it is when I watch it at home with my DVD player and my LCD television.

There was one famous marvel movie called the Black Panther. The kind of chatters that the movie carried before it was released was so hot that I said to myself that I'm never going to miss out watching it in the cinema once it's released. The very day it was released, I made sure to watch it in the cinema house.
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This is a good point as we may want to visit the cinema when the movie that is being aired is one that we have so much anticipated on. 
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The idea of going to the cinema is much fun. I really do not think that it is declining. Like over here, doing movies and all is a form of hangout for friends and family. Everyone gets in line to watch the latest release and you can see the cinemas really booming.

I think that now in this era more than ever, people make good money out of cinema. Especially with the latest. At least I know that it is like that in my country. People flock in and out.

Personally, I see the cinemas as having fun especially with friends. My best form of watching would be alone on the couch with a cup tea. I enjoy my own comfort. I can forward, rewind and pause at my will. Plus, I don't have to pay to watch over and over again. Hence I get my money's worth whenever I want.

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