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Some people would tell you point blank that they hate taking drugs and would only take drugs when their health situation is dire. Some wouldn't even take at all. 
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I really hate drugs if it is illegal drugs. I will just use drugs when it is recommended by the doctor.

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I'm one person that hate to fall sick that's why I try to keep my health naturally so that I wouldn't have to take drugs. I hate drugs both the syrups and the tablets. It even becoming worse now as an adult since I'm answerable to myself no body to force or corece me to take them. It was alot better as a child where my mom would be so hard on us and made us take all sort of syrups and tablets. Yea, maybe the ones I used to like were sweeten and flavoured one like vitsmin c and others like that but anything tablet was a chore to swallow.

But despite all that I could managed with syrups since it was almost like water but there ones that never went them my throat in peace were tablets, some just feels like one is swallowing some hard stones and it finding it very hard to swallow.
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In my own understanding drugs are chemical substance taking orally to cure a particular illness or pains at a particular time.
So either we accept it or not, drug is part of human life and it has a ve46 important rule it plays in easy and fast relief.

I like drugs because to me its safe and compared to taking if injection. Since injection has higher risk of negative effect than drugs. I go with drugs.

Medically drugs is a essential part of human life but there are some times when one wouldn't have option than to go by injectionins
Drug can be in tablet form or syrup and both are very sound for health. I don't mind whichever form it is. All that matters is drug is okay by me and cure should be achieved.

So each time I fall I'll, I don't feel somehow to take drug because I know its a conditional food as I use to call it. And since I have a very sensitive system once I take the drugs I feel relieved within short while.
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Sincerely, I won't say I hate or like drugs, because there is no drug I cannot take regardless how bitter it is, and same time I can't just go for a drug when I know there is no health need for it. Drugs are essential for the recovery of someone who is suffering from one illness or the other. And we also have various drugs for different purposes with different compositions.

Basically, the chemical composition of any drug will determine what its function would be in the body. And for a drug to be efficacious, it must perform what it was taken for. Anything short of this, the drug is said to be fake. Unfortunately, most drugs this day are counterfeited except those ones prescribed and sold is registered health facilities.

The taking of drugs, however, shouldn't be for fun. And also not done by self prescription or else, it would be seen as drug abuse/misused. And most people are found wanting in this area, as they prefer petronizing quakes for their drugs, which obviously is detrimental to their health.

Whether one like drugs or not, the take of it should be encouraged whenever one is having health related problems.
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I  also hate taking drugs and I'm so glad that I don't fall sick as often as other people do. I could go years without being in dire need of medication. I only suffer from headaches. Something enough rest can take care of.

I know some folks who can take medication but they can't swallow pills. They only chew on them whether tablets or capsules. This makes them detest drugs of any kind. They would rather have injection and other forms of relief than take drugs.

Others on the other hand are very terrified of needles. They would give anything not to be pricked. If I were to make a choice, I would also pick drugs. I'm not a fan of needles as well. Plus this might be a little strange coming from a health worker who is around needles all the time.
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I won't say I like taking drugs, but whenever I find myself in such situations, am left with no option but take them since my health depends on it.
Injections on the other hand can be a pain in the ***, I mean literally real pain in the ***. There's this one time I got really sick and was prescribed a whole lots of injections, about 8 doses or so over a period of 3 days. On the last day of taking the injection, the usual nurse wasn't on call and someone else gave me the injection. I could swear he did it on purpose. For the next one week, i could still feel the pain whenever I sat on my ***. But still, i kind of prefer taking injections to swallowing pills. Injections work faster on my body than pills. I guess it's the reason why I prefer taking injections.
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I will be honest here and that is the fact that I don't always enjoy taking drugs no matter how ill that I feel. While I was a kid, it was always a battle between my parents and I when we talk about taking drugs and this has made them to now conclude that they will always be there for me when I am sick to ensure that I finish all the medicines recommended by the doctor. There is always a lot of means that someone like me who is afraid to take drugs always survive and one of them is by putting it in a morsel of garri and swallowing it in soup.

While many of my siblings will always use that to laugh me then as a kid, I never really took it as anything as my goal will always be to find a way to take those drugs. As an adult, I have adjusted a bit that I now take drugs, but we will know how serious the sickness must have been.

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