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Mosquitoes are the carriers of malaria all over the world. Personally, I don't really care about mosquitoes bite but the annoying sound they make flying over my eyes when I'm trying to sleep. 
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What I hate most is the fact that they make this annoying sound around your ear when you are trying to get a good night sleep. You also feel it when you're bitten by a mosquito if you are awake.

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Everything about mosquito is what I hate. For me, I don't think there is any other insect out there I hate than the mosquitoes. I can even tolerate the presence of other insects in my apartment, but mosquitoes has never gotten a chance of been welcomed.

What I hate about them the most is the noise they make on my ears whenever I am trying to catch some sleep. This alone is enough to keep awake until I can kill the mosquito. I prefer them biting and sucking my flesh without making noise on my ears. There was a time mosquito made me to injure myself while I was trying to kill it. It made me to punch the wall out of annoyance when sleep was all over my eyes.

Another thing I hate about them, is discovering that they've managed to suck my blood, and they are unable to fly due to the accumulation of the blood in their abdomen. It disgusts me to the point of wanting to throw up after killing them.
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I think this question is for those of us that are living in areas that is plagued by mosquitoes as a result of us being unable to control the environment better. My French pal gave me the shock of my life the other day when he told me that there is nothing like mosquitoes where they are living since he was born. I felt that he was just saying it to make mouth, but a closer time to research about it showed me that he was right.

Now back to the question of what I hate in mosquitoes, I would have to say that the spread lf malaria in this region is something that I don't really enjoy as that is the type of sickness that can keep someone at home without going to work or school.

Also, the deaths of kids all because of the sickness is something that I don't enjoy. If it is going to be possible to control the spread of mosquitoes in this region, it is is going to be pretty nice.
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I don't really hate mosquitos but, I don't like them being around me especially my children. The mosquitos are the reasons why there is dengue,malaria and other diseases causing it. There one time my niece become a victim of dengue long time ago, lucky she get through to it. And also my other friend son's died too because of it and other children in every part of the country where mosquitos causing dengue and malaria. I don't know how to get rid of them but, at least I can do something to not let this mosquito bite me and or my children. There are ways you can keep away mosquitos in your place, one of this is the water.Mosquitos love water because that's where they lay their egg and producing more of them. And you can burn or make some smoke around your house this will kill mosquitos and preventing them to come back.
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It is exactly as you said it. The sounding noise from mosquitoes is the beginning or sleepless torment. It is not going to be possible for a person for a person to sleep while the mosquito's are making hell of noise all around. The sounds is irritating..
But I think the sound is a temporary damage since its only going to disrupt sleep compared to the maleria caused by the mosquito's. Maleria actually leads to death if not properly treated on time. Many people have net their death due to mosquito bites.

However, what to do to stop or control mosquitoes is to always avoid water lodging around the house or place, grasses should be cut well at when due and fumigation sshould be done at least three month for general andand every two days for the internal.
Nothing about mosquitoes is good
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
What I hate about mosquitoes is the bite. They suck my blood that leaves a rushes that is so itchy. I can scratch it but too many times are wasted scratching it. Just earlier, I have a mosquito bites on my legs and it makes me hard to type in my computer to finish my work because I was scratching all over. Also, mosquitoes can cause dengue. It will be very difficult if you will get hospitalized because of dengue. Dengue can kill people. It is one of the most dangerous causes of death. I don't like to have one but I cannot know if I will have it and hopefully, I will not. This is also the reason of death in any country. Imagine mosquitoes are only little creatures but they can kill you, they can spread virus to you and they can even make you vegetable that is why i hate it.
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Mosquitos are the most annoying insects. I do not like them because they can actually cause you to have sleepless nights. The buzzing sound they make is the worst, i have never understood why mosquitos love the ears, they will just keep rotating around the ears continuously even when you are under the net, it's like they are caught up in a web and are trying to find their way out. Funny enough they will not be on any other side but around your ear why is that? Is there a reason for it? If there is i would really like to know. Another thing i hate with mosquitos is that they transit the malaria parasite which can be very very dangerous to human beings. When you have malaria, it puts you down and you become very weak. Sometimes it can even cause death. So as small as they may be they are also deadly.
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I hate mosquitoes a lot. I make sure we always have mosquito coils before bed time. I also sometimes buy lotion to repel mosquitoes. I cannot sleep well when you hear them buzzing or biting your legs,arms and face.
I'm scared to be bitten by dengue carrying mosquitoes. What I hate about mosquitoes is the dengue disease. Before most people die if they get dengue but now many are able to survive. But still dengue is dangerous if your body's immune system is not strong enough.

One of my cousin got dengue and was hospitalized. Luckily he recovered quickly and is now healthy and back to normal life.

I feel lucky that even if I'm still bitten by mosquitoes once in a while I don't get sick. Before we use mosquito nets in our bed but now we are not using it anymore because it prevents good air flow

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