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In the olden days, our forefathers cooked their food using firewood and charcoal. Firewood and charcoal are still used today but gas cookers and stoves are more commonly used. 
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Yes! Up 'til now I still use firewoods only if it's necessary..
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I grow up using fire woods for cooking, i didn't know back then how to use oven using gas. Until now my parents still doing it.

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6 Answers

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Asking this question just brought back memories of my grandma and her cooking skills.She never wanted to cook by other means than her precious firewood.To her it Cooks food well and even add more flavour to the food.But come to think of it, food cooked with firewood seem sweater and more spicy Lol.

But really I can't be caught cooking with firewood, I don't know how others do it especially the females because I can't stand those red eyes one get from cleaning the eyes often because of smoke or even inhaling smoke throughout the duration of the food preparation. I don't want a perfect meal if it will entails one also smoking or drying the face along with cooking the perfect meal.

I will rather cook my imperfect meal with either my stove or cooker.it better that way.
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Making food on firewood cooking is what my mom always tell us that it is the sweetest. I never really had time to confirm how sweet that it can be, but the thing was that it was really a good way for us to cook whenever we go for Christmas celebration. 
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If you have ever lived in the rural area, then you are absolutely going to be used with preparing your food with using firewood as fuel to cook. I happened to spend a lot of time with my grandparents in the rural area and all throughout my time living with them, we only made use of firewood for cooking our food.

My parents actually bought kitchen stove for them in order to reduce the stress of going into the bush to fetch firewood but my grandmother is more comfortable cooking with firewood than cooking with the kitchen stove.

I can remember asking why she has a strong preference for cooking with firewood one day and she made me understand that food prepared with firewood tastes different from the ones that were cooked with kitchen stove.
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Oh yes, I know how to cook using firework. Although it's something I have not done in long time, but I recalled very well how it can done. My personal experience I had with cooking with firewoods was when me and my parents used to visit the our home town during festive seasons. And unfortunately for us, there was nothing like stove or gas cooker for cooking. And for that reason, the only thing we were left to cope with in cooking was firewoods.

I used to assist my mom in gathering firewoods from their sources which is in the bush. She would make sure the firewoods are very dried as logs before they can be conveyed home. Once they are taken home, they will be splited into smaller pieces so that they can give out fire when lited. After this, the splited woods would be put into a chamber where they can be lited, and cooking utensils like pot or kettle will be suspended on the chamber until the food is cooked.
But there is an unforgettable aspect of using firewoods, which is, you have to fan the burning woods whenever they are showing signs of dying down, and this often cause a lot of smoke, and if eventually, it gets into your eyes, it will be unpleasant to them.
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firewood the most economical way to cook without much stress,  virtually everyone who has lived in remote area or has once visited people in the remote will surely have the experience on how to cook with firewood effectively.
Being a male,  cooking is not mostly done by me , if I must do it,  then I opt for other means,  because cooking with fire wood require techniques that will make the fire blow hot as fast as possible,  I have watched people using it,  it is highly economical and faster if you know it.  People who process locally have no option than firewood.
In sugar factory firewood is also used to generate heat that will boil or cook the water to steam that is been used to boil the melt sucrose.
I doubt if the practice of using fire wood to cook will die of.
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Every time we went camping as a child we always cooked on an open fire. During the summer months, my dad would make a wood fire in the barbeque and cook hamburgers, steaks, ribs, and hotdogs on the fire. There are so many times I make a wood fire to cook on and it is delicious when the food is done. Plus the fire makes your yard smell great and it is fun to just sit by the fire and watch it burn. 
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Most of us have switched over to the digital world where everything has been digitized. Back in the days like you have said the most common method of cooking was firewood. I am one of those people who did not grow up cooking with firewood, but as i grew up, i learned what my parents grew up with. I actually find firewood much more convenient and faster as compared to gas. first and foremost, it is readily available, very convenient you can put up a fire literally everywhere and you prepare a meal. I learned one thing, food that is cooked with firewood is very tasty. there are certain pots that are used to prepare efferent meals, say for example meat or chicken, when they are prepared in those clay pots they bring out an aroma that is unforgettable, then the taste is just out of this world. In fact right now i am actually salivating when i remember the chicken and meat that grandma used to prepare for us when we visited her out in the country side.

It's funny that i can sit and cook with firewood and not get a headache, as opposed to charcoal. When i use charcoal, i always end up with a headache i have never understood that fact but i still use it because i need to sometimes. I took it upon myself to learn how to cook with firewood because you never know where your going to end up someday. It is crucial to learn this things and techniques because they will one day come in handy and you will be so glad you had the skills. Gas is good and very advantageous to people who live in big cities, because this are people who are always busy with work, so someone doesn't have the time to come home late at night to start lighting a fire so that they can prepare a meal, but in the village all you do is prepare the meals eat when it's nice and hot then go to sleep because there is not much to do there after meals, if you come late, there is a way they preserve the food to keep hot just next to the fire place.

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