Do you brush your teeth once or twice a day? 
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I was advised by my family dentist to at least brush three times a day. In that way, I will maintain a healthy dental hygiene. This was also being practiced by my siblings since my family is quite health conscious and really care for any aspects involving our personal health. For me, I normally brush my teeth three to four times a day. The reason behind it is for me I want to have a fresh breath and clean teeth, especially when I eat food or drink spirits or coffee in between meals. One other reason for brushing three to four times a day is because I am a heavy smoker and also I drink a lot of coffee in a day. Brushing my teeth more than the usual helps me maintain a fresh breath and clean teeth all throughout the day especially when talking to my clients.
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Sincerely, I don't have fixed number of times I brush my teeth in a day. I know the importance of dental care and the recommeded number of times one is supposed to brush in a day, but I tend to deviate from the norm for reasons best suitable for me.

Basically, I am the type that don't stick to the conventional way of brushing teeth, as I was taught by my mother when was much younger. You will agree with me that there is this generally accepted way of brushing teeth such brushing first in the morning before breakfast and doing so before going to bed at night after eating dinner.

Funnily, my case is the opposite, I don't brush before I eat. I only brush after taking my bath. So, if I am to bathe twice a day, which is often dependent of the weather, that means I am to brush twice a day. But if my bathing is done once, that means I am to brush once a day.
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The answer to this question is that it is basically dependent on how my schedule for the day will be. I don't always have issues with brushing once a day till I went for my usual dental check up with my doctor at the hospital. This was the place that she advised me that it is important that I start brushing twice every day as this is the way that I can get to have a healthy gum on my teeth. She went further to analyze how germs feeding from the leftovers food in our mouth can cause havoc through the night if we fail to brush in the night after our meals.

Believe me, that was the first time that I was getting to hear such from an expert on the need for us to keep brushing our teeth at least twice every day. I believe that people can have less dental issues when they are able to brush twice on a daily basis.
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Well,I was taught to brush at least twice daily and I have been trying to live by that though sometimes I brush more depending on how the day goes and with what I'm eating. Days I take soups I tend to brush more so as to still have a good smell from the mouth. It can be awful to have a mouth that ooze not because one didn't brush in the morning but because one just finish eating something that can make the mouth stinks after a while if we leave it unattended to.

So basically one should brush in the morning,after eating some food that can make the mouth smells awfully after a while and maybe before bedtime.i think this schedule is just the best and I have been using it which has been working perfectly for me.

I don't  know how true it is but I have read too much brushing can damage the enamel.
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We have been taught to brush our teeth twice a day which makes it a good oral hygiene. But people forgot to do that as our fast running world has started to consume our time. Due to poor oral hygiene, most people tend to get tooth decay and even worse dental problems. To know more about dental health and treatments click here Pediatric dental crowns.

ADA provides some few steps on brushing teeth properly.

It says people should not brush their teeth more than 3-4 minutes. Only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste should be used. Always use fluoride toothpaste. And using a soft-bristled toothbrush will always be recommended by the doctors. 

So to have a proper and clean oral habit everyone must follow these steps regularly.

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The answer to this question depends on the stage of life in my opinion and experience ,  while I was still very young my class teacher advised that we brush three times daily for hygiene purposes so at that stage I ensure  I brushed three times daily.
While I was in the college I maintained it for a while and after I changed to brushing twice in a day,  morning and night.
Currently I brush most times once in day and occasionally twice in a day especially if am feeling feverish . I wouldn't know why it changes but sometimes I feel it because of my schedule and .

The fact here is that if one is able to brush at least three times in a day with a very good tooth paste you will surely feel fresh and it seriously limits mouth odour and other germs that  germs.
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I brush my teeth two to three times at most and once at least daily. I wash my mouth first thing in the morning. I always have to brush before any meal. The second and third time comes after any meal with really strong flavor like onion or at night before going to bed. I admit that sometimes I'm too lazy to brush my teeth before bed time.

I find it amazing that some people can have breakfast before brushing their teeth. I remember back in college. My roommates would take their bath, dress up, do their make up and then brush afterwards. It was the last thing they did everyday before leaving for their classes.

I found that to be really weird but that's when I learnt that different people have their own habits and it is not just the regular routine as I thought.
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I usually brush my teeth once or twice a day, especially before going to bed and sometimes in the morning.When I was working before and no children yet, I always brush my teeth regularly even at lunch. But, it all stop and just do the routine of once or twice  a day.It is important to brush our teeth daily to avoid plaque and of course freshen our breathe. Sometimes I will forgot to brush my teeth at night especially my youngest will take too long to go to sleep. So, what I do is we go brush together before going to bed, so they can practice brushing teeth as well. I have learned too that brushing more often is not good for our tooth enamel, so maybe skip sometimes and just gargle water to drain all the food particles left after eating.
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I do brush twice a day. Morning and Night. If I eat any chocolates or sweets, I will brush my teeth right after eating the chocolate. Everyone should brush their teeth twice a day. 
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I brush my Teeth 1 Time in a Day.I know that Doctors say that we have to brush our Teeth,Two Times in a Day but i brush One Time.There is the problem of Water in our House.So,i don't brush Two Times in a Day.
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I try to brush my teeth twice in a day, first in the morning and second in the evening before going to sleep. Though some people brush after every meal but I do mine twice. For a healthy teeth and gum it is recommended we brush our teeth twice daily. 
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This is not a fix number for me: how many times I will brush in a day. But I did not brush for my children. Two times must be fixed but sometimes it becomes three times.
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