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I prefer both, I ate bread and rice after can't live without it
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If I only eat bread for lunch I easily get hungry but if I eat rice I feel full for a longer time
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Both rice and bread are good food but on a personal note, I prefer beard over rice. I also enjoy eating beard with beans. 
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I prefer to eat rice since it is highly nutritious when you take it with a well prepared stew. This is something that I always try to consider when it comes to situations like this. 

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9 Answers

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These  two are like Staples in my family and most families I know too. At least bread or toast bread is a constant for breakfast while rice can be for lunch or dinner though I usually preferred soups for lunch. Well, my preferred choice is bread because I can eat bread non-stop provided it fresh, soft and new. But I'm really cutting down on carbohydrate foods now because of my weight loss journey but before now I really used to like bread because it really filling and it gives one the needed energy and vitality for the day.

I think I might not really miss my usual bread for too long because  I might start eating it again soon but this time I might be going the wholesome way, more of wheat bread that it made with money and not sugar.
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The both are good to one's health depending on what they are made up of. And at the same both can also be unhealthy especially if their contents are altered during processing. We have rice that is ideal for consumption like the brown, which contain the bran fiber having vitamin B in it. While we also have the white rice, which is seen as processed food that contributes to weight gain.

As for the bread, we have the healthy ones that are baked from wheat, which makes them to be hundred percent ideal for weight loss, because they are made up of nutritional value of B vitamin called thiamine. On the other hand, we have white bread, which is known for it poor nutritional value. And they are major culprits when it comes to weigh gain. Sadly, they are the type of bread found where and mostly consumed by people.

 Advisably, people should get to know the difference between these two staple home foods, and the health benefits they offer if the recommended variants of them are chosen over the health-sabotaging ones.
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I will be finding it difficult to make a clear decision on whether I am going to enjoy rice better than bread. The thing with eating rice is that it was something that we began long time ago and have always enjoyed it during weekends and Sundays to be precise. Cooking rice with banga soup, which is our local stew, is something that when I don't eat it every Sunday, it may look as if I have not had a great weekend. I also enjoy adding beans to the rice when I want to eat it.

However, bread is good for my team. I can't really say that things are going well for me when I am unable to drink my tea with bread for breakfast before I set out for the activities of the day. I always look forward to that point where I can be able to enjoy tea and bread on a daily basis. When asked to make a simple choice, I will have to say that rice is the preferable choice for me.
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Both rice and bread are very important food which is eaten by every family that I know of in my community. Rice is the commonly prepared meal around here. Any restaurants around here prepares rice on daily occasions including on Sundays and they still manage to sell out all their meal. This shows you that there are a lot of people who consume rice on daily basis even if they don't get to be the ones who prepares it.

One of my cousins have rice as his favorite food. He wouldn't mind eating rice from Monday to Sunday and repeating the same feeding pattern all over again. I love rice but it's only twice in a week that I can dispose myself to eating it.
On the other hand with bread, it's a routine morning meal or should I say breakfast around here. Bread and tea.
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I was born to eat rice three times a day everyday. But, since I moved in another country where people used to eat bread everyday of their life. And rice for them is just like bread for us in the Philippines, rarely they eat it. I have tried to eat bread for breakfast and even the whole day but, I couldn't live without rice. My system is longing for it, it's like I can't feel full if I don't eat rice in a day.
I do eat bread sometimes in breakfast, then for my lunch and dinner is with rice. It's so funny when my partner sometimes, he will make a rice sandwich. I don't know if they realize that rice alone is good and not necessarily to put as a sandwich.
So, for me rice is better than bread but, I cannot leave the bread alone because I do still eat them.
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I guess this is food we all have to eat at some point in our daily  lives. I am fond of each of them. For breakfast, bread is always available not unless i want to change and eat something else. It is actually a staple food in my house every morning. Not early morning, that is like 6am or 7am, at those early mornings i would rather have oats then have my breakfast that has two or three slices of brown bread, and a cup of tea. That way i will feel like i have actually taken breakfast, without i won't feel like i have had breakfast. As for rice, that's another staple food in my house, and it is also a favorite. I can actually have rice like everyday and not get bored. I get to cook it in different ways and that makes it interesting.
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If I'm to choose between eating bread and rice, I don't think that I would be having any difficulty with making a swift decision between the two food. Choosing bread would be my obvious decision because I simply eat beard more often than rice. Bread is something that it's 90 percent of my diet on daily basis because I take tea almost every morning. This makes beard a big part of my diet, thereby making it impossible for me to strike it off my feeding menu.

But when it comes to eating rice, it's something that I do only on weekends especially only on Sundays. It's a common meal prepared by all family in my neighborhood on Sunday and it's so bad that when you don't prepare rice on Sunday, it would look odd in the eyes of some people.
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Rice and bread are very essential food that is mostly consumed by majority of people in my country on daily basis.

It is so difficult for me to choose between these two food because I eat them almost every day, each has it advantages any ways,  bread can be consume immediately you have it while rice needs to be cooked before eating and it last longer in the stomach with more nutritious value.
The both of them are carbohydrates riches consumables that gives energy and they are not that expensive to buy in my location. If we are to go by method of preparing them before consumption rice can be more garnished with lots ingredients that are rich in nutritious value compare to garnishing bread for consumption.  In a situation that one must pick one, I will opt for rice
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I actually love both food muchly, and I eat each with purpose and circumstance. I eat rice to fill my stomach and I eat bread as an appetizer. I prefer my rice in a unique way, if its afternoon I love to take hot jollof rice when garnished with all sort of meat and fried ice fish. But at night i prefer fried rice with liver well sliced in it. I also don't like soft drinks with meal rather prefer cold water. Though there is a unique local concoction rrice we love to eat in my place, we usually eat it in cold weather. It is always cooked with smoked fish and locally made locust beans. Its unique and very sweet.
Meanwhile, on the other side of bread, I love bread eateneatenalone or ordinary. My brand of bread is chocolate bread and coconut bread. Funny enough, both are boot easy to find in my area but trust me, I find it.
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