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I have seriously been thinking of the ways that I can develop my abs. I wish to know the best drills that I can focus on to make this happen for me. 

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We all want to have a body defined by exercise, but very few people know that 35% of the definition is thanks to eating habits. It is necessary to eat many proteins and natural carbohydrates, stop eating high-fat and fried foods, also sleep 7 hours and eat green vegetables along with many fruits.

Since you want to get a six pack as fast as possible, you must keep your mind motivated, remember that without great effort you will not see results, I recommend doing daily abdominal exercises with variable movements. You can start with classic crunches by twisting the chest, you can also lift the legs and alternate the movements to the sides. You can try to place the elbows and hands on the ground, holding them with the tips of the feet and keeping the abdomen parallel to the floor for 2 minutes.
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There are so many exercises you can do to have a washboard tommy, but the first thing is to deliberately take action in ensuring you have a perfect dieting plan. I have seen so many people erring in this area by focusing mainly on drills but overlooking the kind of foods they put in their mouths. It is essential you ensure to eat foods that are packed with proteins and healthy carbohydrates including a lot of fruits and vegetables. Replace carbonated soft drinks with drinking of water, plenteously.

As for the exercise to engage in, you can try out minor drills before moving to more intense ones. There is this popular but easy to do drill, which I guess you already know of. Lie on the floor close to a wall, place your legs on it. Put your hands on the back of your head, and pull up your head alongside your upper torso till your head touch your knee caps. Keep at it repeatedly in a vigorious manner until you feel its impact on your tommy.

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