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I considered communication is a powerful ways!

Let us talked to them in a kind way.
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As for me kids learned from us, so we must teach them the good morals and values..

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There is an old saying which was commonly used by our elders and it goes like this "Spare the rod and spoil the child". This old saying supports the act of giving punishment to kids and not praising them when they are doing something wrong. It supports using rod or cane or any other form of punishment to discipline the children. I understand that it's not always proper to use physical beating to train up a child all in the name of punishment, when the physical punishment becomes too much, it becomes a child abuse and it's punishable by law.

There are so many other ways of giving punishments and disciplining of a child, you can easily ground the kid, take away his or her source of happiness. If it's the child's gaming console, take it away until he or she has learnt the lesson of the errors in his or her ways.
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Discipling growing kids needs some caution on the parents and guardians path  so as not to raise timid, rebellion or a very stubborn child.Children react to discipline differently and as such parents needs to experiment with some to really find out which will be most impacting than hardening a child.Most children just need a little caution to make them be upright and not up-tight.

I still think the carrot and stick approach is still better because it create a balance.Reward a child when due and punish when due too, so that it wouldn't look at if parents only noticed a child wrong doings alone. I'm using this with my kids and it working perfectly well for me. Punishment isn't about flogging a child, other form of punispunish like squatting, doing house chores, running errands can be incorporated as punishment for growing kids.
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Obviously, there is no specific positive ways to discipline growing up kids than to be parents who are disciplined themselves. You can't give what you don't have. As parents there is no how you can instill discipline onto your child, unless you too are also well disciplined. In other words, parents should strive to discipline their children by setting examples they are to live by.
It would be outragious for parents to expect their children to be of good behaviour while themselves are not portraying good qualities. I usually see some parents telling lies in the presence of their kids, and they expect such kids to be honest tomorrow. It can't work! I see some smoking and drinking in their children's presence. How do you tell those same children that such habits are bad tomorrow?

In the case of unruling behavior from them, you can make use of two-prong approach, which is the using of the rod and admonition. The use of the rod shouldn't be done out of wickedness but of love. It should be done to correct and not to hardened the child. After using the rod, call the child and point out why you resorted to adopt the measure of using the rod. By so doing, the child would learn the lesson behind the discipline, hence wouldn't turn out hardened tomorrow.
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Training up the kids may look an exciting task when we are not directly involved, but the truth is that this is one of the most tiring task that parents and guardians always face. Like you said, communication is one of the best ways that we can develop our kids as talking with them will mean having to hear their views on some situations of life.

Another good thing that adequate communication with the kids always being is the ability to listen to the voice in their hearts. Kids might still be little, but they have views on different scenarios of life and it is when we listen to them that we can get to see what they think about a particular situation. Also, teaching them how to respect elders is quite essential as no parent will be happy having kids that don't show respect to the elders in the neighborhood.

I believe that kids trained in the way to show respect will have a long way to go in life.
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I learnt so much from my own parents when it comes to disciplining a child in a positive manner. The mentality of children are so fragile that when you fail to teach them what they are supposed to learn, the good and the bad, the right and wrong, they would end up choosing the behavior that suits their lifestyle which might be a wrong choice.
It's very important to teach a child a lesson when they are doing something wrong because it will affect how they think, how they reason and it's definitely going to affect how they behave on the long run which would turn out to harm both the child, the parents and the society where the child lives. The criminals we have in the world today were once children who lost their way when growing up.

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