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According to our Christian beliefs, marriage is a union between a man and a woman and I think that it is still useful even in this current world that we are living in. I always believe that this is a means that two different persons cone together in love and understanding with the hope that they will work out things in the way that it is going to favor them. This is something that is necessary for the greater peace of the world since when a family is built on love, care and understanding, the kids tend to grow up with such virtues.

Also, marriage is necessary for the normal upbringing of the kids. I don't really support the idea of single dads and moms that we are having in the world of recent simply because there is need for that fatherly and motherly love for kids to have a balance upbringing. So, marriage is still essential in the society.
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Marriage is the union of man and woman whereby after the ceremonial functions  they would both become husband and wife. Before any man wants to get married, he must have been able and ready to take care of his responsibilities and willing to take up the responsibilities of becoming a husband. Marriage means everything especially to Christians because it's one of the most valued institutions to the religion.

Sacrifices are made before marriages take place. The man involved would have to leave the comfort of his parents home and set out to be his own man before thinking about getting married and settling down while the women on the other hand gives up so much to the extent of giving up her own father's name and come to answer another man's name. Marriage gives the right for procreation.
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Exactly! Some people make the grave mistakes of thinking that it's just the same thing as boyfriend and girlfriend relationship when it comes to marriage.

Marriage is a whole different ball game and should be treated with respect and lots of expectations. 
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answered by VISIONARY (9,008 points) 7 17 73
Yes, marriage is as important now  as the time Jesus talked about marriage.Since then till now marriage still take it's place of seriousness and of necessity.i just want to state that no matter how mankind as relegated marriage to the background it doesn't deminish the fact that marriage is sacred and should be held high and accorded the place of importance it deserves. When once one comes of age and desire to have a family it pertinent that the right thing should be done by getting married. Marriage is an institution created by God and he hold it in very high esteem and as such humans should follow suits.
Marriage is important for all adults of marriageable age and as such both men and women should buckle up and desist from the sin of fornication and get married to avoid indulging in sin.
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Marriage is as important as you view it to be. The world is increasingly becoming liberal and most people are exercising their free will. Hence some people don't think much of marriage, they call it a scam while others hold marriage in the highest of forms.

I think marriage is a very important and crucial part of a person's life at some point. If you are a religious person, you can tell to a very large extent how important marriage is. Even in the most formal and civil societies, marriage is as important and as beneficial.

Marriage and family as a unit has been formed from time immemorial. It is on this basis that we have other aspects of society. A family is the smallest unit in a culture. This go this way but still there are those out there who do not conform.
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I think it is still important because when you are in a relationship and you are not married, got a child, they will become legitimate in some instances. That is really something that could stresses the child when they became old, when he or she will need some rights to finance them in the future. I do believe that marriage is a vow, a promise that we say to God, that we love each other and promise to be together, through thick and thin. Marriage is important. It doesn't have to be an expensive wedding. It matters that every people in a relationship that would love to last long, should be married. The is the proper and normal way. There are those who didn't try to go into marriage and I think they are not being practical but they are being lazy to make their love legal.
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answered by ELITE (3,548 points) 4 24 92
There are some angles from which you would look at marriage and it would seem very important and appropriate but then again, there are some other angle from which you still look at the same marriage and you would be asking yourself the question why would one ever wish to get married in the first place?

A lot of factors can result in making marriage something important or something useless in my opinion but most of the times, the main reason why most people are choosing to get married would be to have children that would help to continue their lineage and nothing more. This factor actually makes marriage important in a big way but one of downside is that in our world today, it's not a must that one would get married before the person gives birth to kids.
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I have never see myself to get married or be with someone that I will spent the rest of my life. But out nowhere I did get married that only closed family knows about. I have been in a relationship with my now husband for over four years, and have two children. I told my partner that I don't want to get married because I really feel I am not really to say vows between us.  Even we have children I feel this way and I don't know why. And he told me it's for our children and for our family. And I answered back, married is not all about that. When we get married it's a union with God between us but since my partner don't have religion and don't even believe that God really exist. I am hesitant to get marry him.
Most relationships now a days are not into married not unless they are welling to do so. It is both parties involve who decide if they want to tie in a union of God or someone else. I did get married for the sake of his happiness because he will keep asking me why and he doesn't understand my reasons. So, to all couple out there who are not yet married, it is for you to decide.
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Yes,  marriage has been very important and still important till date.
Marriage which a union between opposite sex that is legally back up by law and general acceptability between two families of the groom and the bride.
It is very important because it makes both man and the woman to be more responsible and focused through exchange of ideas and opinions by the two partners.
The level of fornication or adultery would have been at it peak and lots of children might have been dead or  homeless if marriage had not existed between a man and woman.
Marriage has changed the life of many today for better because of the ability of two partners making their imperfections to be perfect through actions and in-actions .

Every home today is product of marriage.

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