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I've never been in a position where I had to take responsibility for an elderly person. Maybe it's because am nowhere close to me grandparents, I've almost lost all of them except for my one from my maternal side.

Taking care of someone is a huge responsibility. Taking care of an older person I presume might be more tasking than handling younger folks. Tasking in the sense that any work requiring physical efforts of any kind will have to be done for them, unlike younger people who have enough strength for executing physical task themselves. Another concern with older folks are their state of sanity. Very old people often have different kinds of mental disorders. Handling or taking care of an elderly with any mental illness will be a tough task, as you'd have to reason and make certain decisions for them always.

Correct me if am wrong, as all said above is my opinion on how I think taking care of the elderly will be. Like I said, I've never been in this situation before.
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First of all, if you have been in a good relationship with your grandparents, there is no big question mark on whether we should be taking good care of them or not. I think that for me, I still owe my grandparents for the nice part they played in making me who I am today. My mom will always tell me that story of how I will travel down to the village during festive periods while she will still be making sales in her shop. It was my grandma that will always take good care of me for the next few days before my mom will be back.

I can't forget those days when I was getting to understand things, the wise words of my grand parents is something that I still live by even to this day. The thing is that they showed me that natural love and are always there for me even when I do things that are wrong. They helped me to understand that life is all about loving the people around us.
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I don't think that it's even a reasonable question to ask whether one should be considering on whether to take care of their grandparents or not because as long as they are alive and are good people, I wonder whom they are supposed to be left for to take up the responsibilities of taking care of them.

They are your grandparents for crying out loud. Without them, your immediate parents would not exist, so in as much as your own parents were the ones who were supposed to take care of their own parents, if the responsibility fall to you, there is nothing wrong with doing it. Some grandparents are blessed with old age, so they have the possibility of living so long to meet their great grand children and on that note, you are definitely supposed to take care of them.
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Yes,I think it will be an humane thing to do if we are given the opportunity to do so.My people says no matter how wealthy we are we will always need people to share them with us No man has ever been an island we will always need people in our lives.So I wouldn't mind helping out my grandparents,they are almost like my mum and Dad that will need help  when the time presents itself.

Right now I'm even doing the little I can for them financially and otherwise.Some might not even need money what they crave for is companionship like my maternal grandmother.She is always asking my sister's come spend time with her and maybe help around the home. I believe if anyone has the opportunity then it pertinent to help out in whatever way possible.
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Yes, I would gladly love to do that. Where I am from, taking care of the aged is part of our culture. We see it as our obligation to ensure they are taken care of. We know that as they become older, they might likely be plagued by age-related diseases that would make them not to be as active as they were when they were pretty much younger.

For this very reason, we are emotionally attached to our grandparents. And not for this reason alone, they were also among those that raised some of us.

Specifically, there are those of us that were raised by our grandparents regardless of the fact that our biological parents were still alive. While some of our grandparents automatically became our parents when our biologicaly parents demised while we were still kids.

They single handedly raised us to become who we became today. And so, it's would be unfair if at their frailing moments, we should abandon them.

Essentially, we are aware that a time is going to come when we'll also be in there shoes. How we treat them now, it's how we're going to be treated at that time.
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The kind of love and affection which I have for my grandmother and grandfather is so much more than the love and affection I actually have for my own immediate parents. I have a strong attachment to people who are very old and both my grandmother and grandfather are of age right now. I think that my grandmother is more than 100 years old and my grandfather is around that same age as well because when they told me stories about their younger days, both of them were of the same age group.

I always feel comfortable staying with both my grandmother and grandfather, I seriously wouldn't know what or how I'm going to feel when death eventually comes calling for either of them. Any of their death is going to break my heart into million pieces. I love them so much.
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Yes, I would definitely consider taking care of my grandparents. They are old and need someone to take good care of them. I came across a certain quote which really inspired me to learn to always take good of others. The quote clearly read; "Take care of the weak when you are strong, take care of the old when you are young and take forgive the wrong even when you are right, because one day you will be old, weak and wrong. It is a very strong word that when you reflect on it, you just want to be helpful those who need you.
When I imagine my grandparents, I see them as old people, they are so weak to do everything for themselves and are sometimes so wrong in what they do. I admire them for their wisdom and I love them because they are the people who gave me my parents. They deserve my help.
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Every reasonable child must never think twice before taking care of one's grand parent. The grand parents are the parent of one's parent. And intensive care is the most they need at such a old age.
In my religion and culture, it is a blessing from God for every child to see his or her grand parent and taking verygoodcarr of them gives much blessing .intact it is one of the bestdeed  in the sight of faith.

Every child who enjoys the blessing of parent and grand parents never find life difficult in every situation. Even if things goes wrong for everyone , a child with such blessing will always triumph.

And any child who have the capability to take good care of both parent and grand parents will always find life very hard and sad.
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I find that mandatory. Who the hell on the earth wouldn't love to take care of their grand parents? Actually they usually don't expect much from us apart from little care here and there. Besides I have always believed that taking care of your parents is like adding more blessings to yourself. If you've noticed, whenever you help those elderly, they're always give you a word of thanks. That 'thank you' means a lot and is kind of blessing.

Besides grand parents aren't like kinds whi require too much care, in fact I usually enjoy helping the elderly not literally my grandparents. Its good and in fact we should make it a tend so that we don't end up with elderly on the streets because according to me it portrays a bad picture.

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