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Personally, I love to take a walk because it helps me to clear my head.
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Of course I do love taking a walk, you can appreciate the nature and it can energize your body as well..
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Yes,I do enjoy walking especially I have little ones with me and my eldest need to send to school down the road.
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Of course yes, I very much enjoy taking a walk especially in the morning and evening time. It helps me to clear up my mind and head when I feel too much pressure. 

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I love taking a walk in the park. I love walking in some instances like when I need to buy something in a place that has lots of stores in it and we call it Divisoria, Taytay or Baclaran. I love walking to check the different merchandise I need to buy. Of course, I want to check on the product before buying it. On the stores I mentioned, vehicles cannot pass through so you don't have a choice but to walk. When I am going home from work, when I see that the road is busy and traffic is heavy, I would to start walking so I can reach home on time. I only have 20 minutes to do that. Walking is a good exercise. It can lose you weight. I lose 5 lbs after 2 months of walking going home from work early this year. That is not that easy but I really did that by walking alone.
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I love taking walks almost daily now since I'm on a weight loss journey.i do both brisk walking or long walks depending on my mood and what I want to gain for a specific day.if I want to burn more calories I do more of brisk walking or if it for leisure while still burning some calories too,I take a good long walk

Walking is one of cardiovascular exercises or activities and as such if done properly can help raise the heart rate of a person which will speed up metabolism and one will be burning calories all day, this is if one is trying to lose and maintain weight just like me.
Taking long walks can really help health- wise. It gives one balance and to fight heart diseases. It gives one the needed fitness, strong bones and also helps to build and straighten the muscles.
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Yes, I do. I don't only love taking walk but I see myself as addict of it. There's no single day I don't engage in it. And not just doing it as if it's a form of strolling but with the intention of exercising. Meaning that whenever I am walking I ensure that it's done briskly.
Apparently, the only substitute for my workout session is long distance brisk walking, which is serves as perfect physical activity for me, especially if I am unable to embark on regular exercise. Basically, exercise is one of my hobby which has become an indispensable activity to me. Honestly, I don't think I can survive a day without exercising, because I am aware of the benefits it offers to my general well being.

Apart from just staying fit, it has unique way of elevating my mood, and this in turn boosts my level of productivity as it increases my feel good hormones i.e, endorphines.
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Taking a long walk is a good form of exercise which helps you to burn calories even without knowing the good benefits that comes with walking. Someone don't necessarily need to go to the gym before the individual can be able to burn calories. With getting into little exercises and workouts such as taking a long walk would help you to burn fat or calories and then eventually lose weight beyond your imagination.

If you are not taking a walk to help you burn calories, then you should have it done more often to help you clear your mind. Whether I'm moody, I would take a walk and in few hours time, I would feel a lot better from how I felt before I took the walk. Taking walks often helps me to keep fit and feel healthy. If you go to hospitals sometimes, the doctor recommends taking a walk to relieve stress.
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First of all, it is important that we understand that taking a walk is much more better than always being driven in a car. The thing with walking at least 30 minutes every day is that you are going to have that kind of body which is fit for any type of situation. I have always looked at this as a joke till my doctor sent me one photo of how walking daily help to keep one fit and agile.

I think that we all should always seek a way that we can keep walking for sometime no matter how choked up our activities are for any day. I have a grandma that is 80+ now and believe it or not, she is strong and fit all because she always go most places on her legs and not taking bikes or cars. Also, some of the friends that she has who are still strong are as a result of the way that they walk around every time to get things done for themselves.
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I enjoy taking walks. Every Monday to Friday, while going to work, I drop off the taxi at the nearest bus stop and walk up the streets all the way down  to the office. After work, I walk down to the bus stop again. I do this all the time and it feels really good. I walk for thirty minutes approximately everyday.

This just doesn't save me the extra cash, it helps my fitness routine a lot. Walking can help you to lose or maintain body weight depending on your regime. It also eases stress, lowers blood pressure and generally amplifies the bodies functions.

If you hate exercising, then walking is a good form. You can make it your lone time to think, meditate and plan as you go. I think the best time for this is the mornings and evenings.
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I love walking so much. I know it is good for health even if you don't jog and just do brisk walking. We have a park near our place and I enjoy walking on the wide space in the morning. I appreciate the beauty of the sky and the warmth of the sun.

Sometimes my siblings will plan to have long walks in certain street or village. We will wake up very early around 5am and will start to walk while it is dark outside. It is a very long walk and I enjoy sight seeing. After that we will stop by a carinderia and eat hot porridge with egg. It is a fun activity.

Before also I will attend early morning prayer devotion in our church. I will ride a jeep to get there at 4:30 am. But when it is time to go home around 6:30 am I will just take a walk going to home. I enjoy the sunshine and nature and the feeling of being out and free to walk
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Liking is actually an interesting part of me. I enjoy it a lot to the extend that it us the most useful exercise I indulge in. It has kept me fit and smart till today. Most times I prefer to walk to places that are treakable. So I made a research into the essence of walking and trekking much. And I discover that it makes human system fit and more active. It helps to burn much calories and dehydrate the system.
On my own I've noticed it essence much after my critical observations into my mental health.

However, walking is more interesting when its not done alone, you won't even know the extent or distance  you can walk when you're in the milst of friends and most romantically when it is done with a lover. I enjoy walking with my opposite sex lover alot

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