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Getting banned on forums and blog is something that happens often.

Have you ever experienced it? 
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I experienced being banned in iWriter. My first articles were accepted but the following articles I did not know the reason and I was banned.
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Yes, and no response from them since the day they temporarily suspended my account and they indicated 2-4 weeks but it's over 4 weeks now nothing heard from this site. 
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Not yet, but it's bound to happen soon. I don't participate in a lot of online forums, though.

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answered by VISIONARY (9,009 points) 7 17 69
Yes,I got banned from a forum some weeks back and I'm wondering what I did wrong because the mail I got didn't explain why but I was told I will be paid off so I should reply with my PayPal account which I did and I got paid 3 days later.

Well, banning from a forum is never a serious issue to me that's why I don't bother to find out the issue I just simply find another site to work on.The fact still remains that not all admins will find one worthy of being on their site,so the best bet is for a user to do his or her best on a site and if the best isn't good enough and one gets banned then just hoped you get paid for the previous work and move on.There are so many earning sites now online it just to choose one that is legit and paying and sign up to start working on it.
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I hope you will get paid from that site. And that is positive because they still willing to pay you, unlike mine.  It was horrible,I work so hard for it and they will just take it away from me. But I have to let it go so i can find legitimate site online.
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Yes,I got paid even due date for payment and I was happen that I got paid even with the ban.Buy I think that's how it should be than running off with people's sweat.
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That's good unlike other sites doesn't pay you from the sweat you have put on to earn the money. 
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answered by ELITE (3,663 points) 7 14 56
Yes, I got banned from two different site for some reasons. The first one they accused of something I am not aware. I always follow their rules, terms, and conditions, but with no explanations and no payment received, they banned me. All my income is gone from that site.The second one is a week ago, just because I am new to their website, I have to explore how the site works. And after answering some questions, they banned me.

I feel gutted from the first site why they banned me for no reasons. Just because I worked so hard to earn more, they banned me. This site should not be tolerated, but I can't do anything about it. I have learned my lesson not to trust any working sites without proof. I am still looking for an online job that is legit. It is not easy to find a legit working site online.
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
I never been banned in any sites. I am the one who quit the site before i do a mistake. First, when I registered on the site, I make sure I am eager to learn more about the site. I make sure that I like the site and my impression is good. Mostly, I consider reviews. I registered out of curiousity sometimes and I feel like I need to try it to know everything about it. Second, I will read the rules. I make sure I follow the rules. I get to used to having rules in a site that is always changing, so I make sure I update myself. That is why it is good when you are in a forum, the learning is feeding you instantly. I quit the site when I know it will not be useful for my effort and mostly I calculate my earnings depends on how much I stayed in the site. If it is not worthy of my time, I let go. I never get banned.
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answered by LEGEND (6,021 points) 6 13 26
Well I have if that counts. I started working on a site and just before I was about to invest my time and energy in the site, I got a message. Apparently the admin was banning all the Ip address coming from my country. So nobody from my country and a few  other countries could work there.

I found this to be strange plus the admin did not put out any word before or explanation afterwards. I was glad I didn't spend so much time there. I am not sure If others that did got paid for their time eventually.

Other than that, I haven't faced ban from any site. I always make sure to read the rules of any site I join first. When there are changes, I try as much as possible to adhere because most times, the people that get banned are the ones who do not follow the rules.
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answered by ELITE (3,221 points) 5 12 23
I've worked with many online sites, especially writing sites like Answeeree. But I have never been banned in any of those sites. I know it's because I tend to follow almost all the stated rules and regulations guiding my activities on any those sites.
Just like I stated above, i've never been banned in anything site before. The reasons or circumstances that lead to a ban is basically because the user failed to adhere to certain rules put in place. I know most sites are strict, especially sites where the activities revolve around money. So in order to avail yourself from such situation, it's advisable a user sticks to and work with the stated rules of the said site.
However, i've heard of situations where users get banned from certain sites for no reason at all, or so. I like to think that some online earning site ban user deliberately in order to save whatever money was supposed to be paid to the user. This types of situation usually involves scam site who are looking to prey on unsuspecting users.

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