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I want to learn how to make YouTube videos. Please tell me how if you know.


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3 Answers

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There are lots of tutorials in the web on how to make Youtube videos, first you need to sign up at Youtube and create an account. Second, you don't need to start immediately as you need to be an observer and learner first. There are lots of videos at Youtube you can start watching. They are all there to guide you to earn from Youtube. There are some making videos like the compilation of pictures that they have a music lyrics on the screen and the background are their pictures. There are compilation of funny videos and some are making their own personal videos like they are being a vlogger (Youtube blogger). I only learn from them. They even make money by posting Youtube tutorials actually, so you can do the same and learn from them.
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If you have a good smartphone with a nice camera or a cam recorder, you can take good videos from it. If you already have your Youtube channel, you can start to create videos that is likely to watch by your audience. Once you recorded your videos, then you need to edit it. Yes, editorial is another key points here to create good videos for your Youtube channel. You can edit it by  adding some sounds effects or anything you like that makes your video more appealing. You can use good application directly from your smartphone store. if you are using android, you can use Google play to look for an app that will edit your videos. However, if you are using Iphone, you can search using Apple store.  There is also video editor available from your computer, the Media maker. Once you finished editing and you are satisfied or happy with it. then you can upload it to your Youtube. You just need to practice an editorial for good video output.
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YouTube is one of the video social networks that I'm not yet well accustomed to making use of especially when it comes to making my own YouTube video and sharing it online. What I normally use with YouTube social media site is to search for others already made videos on something that I needed accurate information about online.
But under normal circumstances, I think that before one could be able to make or create a YouTube video, the person will definitely need to create his or her own YouTube channel and then have the possibility to make his or her own video and upload it to the YouTube channel which can then be subscribed to by viewers who find your video interesting and informative on something that they have interest in.
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