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Anyone guys can help me about my concern of my head ache? Any suggestions or remedies. I feel this everyday. 
Have you visit your doctor yet? Maybe your headache is something not what you actually think of. Too much exposure on radiation will cause over fatigue and that is extreme headache.

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I red somewhere that the most natural way of handling headaches is by taking a glass of water when it starts, place one finger each on the side veins on both sides of your head just above the ears, put on a little pressure and massage gently in a clockwise position. Please don't ask me if it works.

I too have constant headaches, sometimes, it's just unbearable, especially when it bangs on one side of the head. I've tried different types of aspirins and the majority barely works the headache away. After so many tries, i came across one particular drug that almost wipes my headache instantly. It was prescribed to me after seeing a doctor.

My suggestion is that, if you have constant headaches like that of mine, you should see a physician for proper examination. There might be several things compelling the headache and certain chemical contents which might work the headache better.
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A lot of things can be the reason why someone would be experiencing severe headaches but one of the most common reasons for headaches would be too much stress. Stress is my major cause of headaches, once I get to stress myself too much by running around too much, I end up feeling broken down and worn out with serious headaches. Another thing that can cause serious headaches would be fever. When one is suffering malaria, headaches are common symptoms of malaria and typhoid. The headaches of typhoid is so severe that it would make you feel like your head is about to explode. Normally, taking pain relief drugs should take care of stress headaches but when the headaches were caused by fever or malaria and typhoid, getting proper treatment is the best way to take care of it.
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I know most times we have headache that are naturally induced maybe from stress,worrying about problems,being anxious,tiredness, lack of sleep and being dehydrated. And because most times it is naturally induced,going the natural remedies route might be all what we need.
To fight headache most times it good to find the real cause and then tackle it accordingly.

If it about anxiety and worries it's good to take a good rest and deal with the problem than worrying over it. The headache will only go away if the problem is tackled than worrying.

Take good amount of water regularly to stay hydrated because dehydration can induce an headache.

Induce self to sleep to avoid standing up the next day to a very severe headache.

If this fails then consult your physician for some prescription.
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Feeling my headache is never a nice situation for anyone as we can see that this is the kind of situation that is going to make you feel down and not able to do anything for a period of time. The first thing that you can do when you are feeling headache is to take lots  of water. Water has been proven to be a great way that we can make the brain relaxed and calm and taking a lot of it when you are feeling headache is going to make you feel better and stronger.

Another way that you can handle this kind of situation is by having a good sleep. Some headache are caused when we are unable to sleep properly which may result in the person feeling stressed out. So, creating time to have enough sleep will help you to improve on your mental work as it is never easy for anyone to live without having a good sleep.
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Realistically, headache can only be cured when you know the exact root cause of it, anything done to arrest it's just experiementing, because we have numerous types of headache. Basically, apart from the cause of headache, we have certain triggers of it. And these triggers could be health related conditions such as dehydration, stress, anxiety, depression, etc, or environmental pollution such as smoke.
Personally, I've discovered that smoke usually trigger headache, and this happens whenever I am around someone smoking tobacco. This type of headache tend to be temporary. But for those caused by stress or anxiety are long lasting, which could result into migraine.

 Stress is main trigger of headache in the sense that whenever you are stressed, your brain is deprived of vital chemicals needed for it to function appropriately. For this type of headache to be cured, ensure you rest sufficiently that's after eating balanced diet. Consume fruits and vegetables.

Dehydration is also another minor trigger of headache. Whenever your body is short of water, the brain is greatly affected, which would in turn lead to headache. Drink a lot of water during the day to keep this type of headache at bay.
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Are you having these headaches from stress? If so, most times you just need to relax, take a nap and just ease the stress. When you are super stressed out, even the regular aspirin or pain relievers won't do you much good. You just have to unwind and relax.

Even exposure to sunlight can trigger headaches. I used to have this a lot until I reduced the rate of exposure. Avoid getting into the sun as much as you can. Always stay in a cool atmosphere.

Recently, I started to drink about 2.5litres of water daily. Afterwards, I noticed great reduction in frequency of headaches and other health issues. Water helps to flush and detoxify your entire body. So you can try this water therapy. It has other immeasurable health benefits too.
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Different Ways to Relieve Migraine headaches

1. Lie down in a dark quite room

2. put a cold compass on your forehead

3. Massage your scalp and temples gently

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During a headache, you might experience pounding pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound. There are some natural cures that can reduce your headache. Please consider the following...

  1. Avoid all kinds of fast food including hot dogs, sausage, etc.
  2. Try some acupressure. Apply pressure with the fingers and hands to the specific points on the body. It will relieve pain and other symptoms.
  3. Use Lavender oil
  4. A house call doctor can be very handy during headache.
  5. Drink Ginger tea. It will ease nausea.
  6. Practice regular Yoga.
  7. Drink enough water to get hydrated.
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Headache is a very common problem and it can disrupt our activity in day to day life. Here are some remedies to get rid of headache.

A) Take some magnesium, it is safe and those who are suffering from migraine can also take magnesium.

B) Drink plenty of water because dehydration can cause headache.

3) Avoid alcohol related products.

4) Adequate sleeping is must.

5) Eat vitamin B complex because vitamin B12, B6 and B2 reduces the pain.

6) Take cold compres, especially in head and neck area.

7) Cheese, citrus foods, chocolate can trigger headache. So these type of fruits should be avoided.
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First of all let me say sorry for your headaches.They can sometimes be annoyingly painful and very uncomfortable, but as usual there is always a solution to a problem. You need to find out what is causing those headaches then act on it. Do they come when you are stressed out with too much work, could be the heat, maybe an allergy of some kind and so many other aspects. once you have discovered what it is that is the cause then you can start treating. Do not just take drugs it could be something that can be avoided, if precautions are taken. Many times i used to have a series of headaches all the time, especially when i walk too much in the sun i will always end up with a headache, another thing was the smoke from charcoal, that is my greatest headache so i try as much as possible to stay away from it. it's like automatic. for the sun i always wear a cap whenever i am going outdoors during the hot season, that way my head is covered, and headaches are kept at bay. So determine the things that trigger the headaches and drink lots of water.
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If you have a headache you can just use a cold water and pour on top of  your head for about 5minites and it will help to  reduce the  pressure of your head that causes a headache.
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You should visit a doctor right now. A headache could mean three things: problems in your eyes, your stomach or problems on your cervical. It could be a serious issue.
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From my personal experience, Breathing exercise is good for Headache. If the headache is front side ( Forehead) means, you should sleep well. When the sleep is not enough for your body, it will cause headache. Sleep is the remedy for that. 
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How to stop the headache?

All we know that all types of headaches are caused by over-stressing in your brain. However, there is a natural remedy that many people are using all around the world. The best natural solution is using tiger balm and oil products.

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