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I have watched the Miracle in heaven and I am so emotional while watching it.

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I have seen a lot of heart breaking movies but the one that readily comes to mind is Conspiracy a Nollywood movie starring pat attah, Nkriu Sylvanus, Camila Nberikpe and other good casts and crew. This was really a movie that turn one's help to a curse and the casts gave a good account of themselves with their acting skills.

This movie is about the main Character picking up the only child of a poor family to Lagos  to help train at schoo and one day the boy got kidnapped by rogues and in a bid for Pat to find the child he was introduced to a native doctor who needed human parts for the assignment. He was told where to get the parts on his way back they were stopped by a check point and he was caught with the human parts and no amount of explaination was good enough, he was almost killed by his viilagers but got lucky when the child escaped from his captive and ran to the village. But the man went through alot because of that.
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Wow! that's really sad. Seems like it is an interesting movie. I will definitely take note of this movie. Thanks Jerry:)

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Most of the movies that I enjoy watching are those that always come with emotional scenes and in some cases, they have been heartbreaking. I think that as someone that always wants to feel connected to every movie that I watch, it is necessary for me to understand that watching this kind of movies is the best for me. When I was growing up, I was that kid that built my life in a way that I don't feel any emotions when some situations come up and it is by watching heartbreaking movies that I always make that to happen.

Right from time, Mother's sorrow which is a native movie here is one that I can say that I really enjoyed watching at that time and even when it was a movie where a whole lot happened, I can also say that it was one that made me felt human sympathy as well.
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There are so many movies which I have watched so far that are tragically scripted which leaves every single individual who watches it with the feeling of being heartbroken. Some of these movies are scripted in love stories, war, and science fiction but it's the love story written movies that leaves a more lasting effect and feelings of being heartbroken right when watching the movie and when it's over.
So, should I mention the movie which gave the my worst feeling of heartbreak, then it's going to be Titanic. The love story in the movie Titanic killed my soul every time and any day when I watch it. Even though it makes me cry, I still couldn't stop or resist watching it back then. It was such an amazing movie. So, many people died in the movie as a result of the accident.

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