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I just watched the film Bohemian Rhapsody, and it was really very good. I was quite emotional throughout the film; I never knew Freddie was that kind of man. He is truly a legend! 

Anyway, the lyrics of the song hasn't left me since. So I wonder if there was ever a time when you wish that you were better off not being born at all?
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This is an interesting question. I have so many problems right now like I want to feel depress I have this life. But I still enjoy life and feel blessed to be given a chance to experience life. Sometimes it came to my mind that it is better if I'm not born because life is hard for me

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I did not have the opportunity to see that movie, it sounds interesting and I would love to see it soon. But talking about that topic, I think we all think that once and the answer is much simpler than you can believe.

 For anyone it is a secret that anything that can feel love or express a feeling will inevitably feel pain, and more than humans because we have the ability to reason and question things, that is an impressive advantage, but it attracts consequences such as existential problems, depressions, sadness and many other things.

 Depression and/or sadness brings consequences that attract many negative thoughts to our mind, makes us question things a lot and we begin to assume everything as ''what would have happened if...'' wich makes us think we have not born only for moments of sadness.
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Although I can't relate with the movie in your write ups, but one thing is sure, I got the message portrayed in the topic, which I strongly believed the movie is all about. Honestly, on personal level, I have never felt that way in my life before thinking that I wished I wasn't born at all.
I know so many unfair things has happened to me in life, but it has never made me to feel that way, not for once. All the unfair things that has happened to me has been me to feel more alive about life. They have made me stronger. They made me realized that life is not a bed of roses and it not always a work in the park either.

I know we are not the same in terms of how strong willed we are, and on how we view the world. Most people usually get broken by little things others would take in their strides. In all, we shouldn't condone depression, in spite of our circumstances by thinking I wish I wasn't born.
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In all my life I have never given this a thought but since you have asked I will emphatically say No.Life is a whole lot of experience that I'm enjoying exploring and exploiting it.With all that comes with life whether good or bad I take them in my strides. When it time for me to enjoy I do it with all my might and if it turns the other way, well I thank God and go with it.
So I can't never wish I wasn't born because life is beautiful at my end so life isn't that bad for me that I think I wouldn't have wished to be born. I always tell people around that life is beautiful and as such we should always expect the good, bad and ulgy from life but the beauty of it will be embracing all and making the best out of it. For me no regrets at all of being born and I hope not to go away soon.
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I wouldn't call it a wish per se. I always imagined what it would have been like if I wasn't born at all. Would my niche be occupied by someone else or not even exist at all. Somehow the picture in my head is always vague and it feels really strange and disturbing.

Then I wonder the plight of those babies being born and dieing minutes after. I ask myself the essence of such fate and I conclude that maybe they are just lucky they don't have to go through the horrors and sweetness of life and then die in the end. You can't miss what you don't know.

It is not even a question about being better off not being born because you'd be completely vanity, non existent hence you can't even realize anything to begin with. We don't choose to be born but we come with the will to conquer life.
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Though I've not have the privilege to watch the film meanwhile, its my second time to hear the narration. I wish to do so in no distant time. However, life huddles and lingering challenges most times makes one to start to think, if this life is worth it, and I wish not to be born!
Imagine a child born into penury and even at growing into teenager age, feeding in the house is a war since the both parents struggles for ever6thing and despite the struggle they sleep with empty stomach most days.

If such go on till such a child grows into a full man and as a school dropout due to lack of fund and limited means to dish him Education. So he became a perpetual debtor and such a child later struggle with hard earning to even later have the Education at late twenties only to discover on the graduation day that the admission he go was actually fake!!.

Trust me, such a person will rather wished not to be born at all. But God knows the best.
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Maybe when I was young I thought the same thing. I think one of those days, I was bullied at school or maybe I was kind of outcast by some classmates that I feel I don't belong. Because I don't have friends, I better not born at all. Oh, I remember when I was young. I found a beautiful doll at the mall. I told my mother to buy one for me, but she can't because she didn't bring her wallet, of course it was just an alibi. I saw one girl and her dad bought her the doll as I want to buy, I forced my mother to buy me. I went sweeping my body on the floor because I want her to buy me the doll. She still said no and instead left me. I thought of those lines that I wish I was never born at all because I don't have the doll. While maturing, I never thought of that. All I know is that I have a purpose that is why I am here.

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