I am a road racer in the heart. I love racing games too as well as my children. Do playing racing games more helps in better racing? Or do they help at least in improving the driving?
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This is a wrong notion for us to say that it is going to help one improve on driving. The best way that we can improve our driving experience is simply by going to driving school and practicing.
@Henrywrites I personally learnt how to drive through playing racing video games like Need for speed. I can tell you vehemently that till today, I never went to car learning driving school. 

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Yes!  You will get at least some information about throttle, gear, brake etc. But I don't think you can get handle balance or steering balance from a racing game.
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But many techotechn have which can also probipr the steering control to so 
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To some extend it is helpful to improve the racing skills in someone. When you play a game you will be able to learn simple skills such as breaking and negotiating a corner with the right speed. Though the racing games should not give someones illusion that they can race in real life with thought proper training.
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Of course YES, it is arguable that such people are bound to be good drivers naturally, but just as pilots train in simulators, a sufficient realistic game should test or build up your reactions, and also reflexes that can translate to actual driving. In more truthful games like the Gran Turismo series, you will learn much more about how to pick a racing line as well and in general get a better grasp on how cars react to steering, braking etc .and changes if tractions. Though there will be more life things that simulators won't be able to emulate. That and alot of many racers and others with much experience in real race cars have often spoken highly of the realism of some games like iRacing and GT. In fact, iRacing claims some racers even use it sometimes to get a feel of a track before they can actually drive there car.
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Gaming serves a lot of needs for those who pay attention and participate in the gaming act. Some games have been said to have physical, emotional and psychological effects on those who play them. So, it's very possible that racing games can influence one's driving either in a positive or negative manner depending on the personality of the individual involved in playing the game.
Now, I'm going to share with you my own personal life experience with playing racing games and how it influenced my driving skills. Racing games was actually the first game franchise that I got used to before any other games like soccer games or mission games. I got so addicted to playing racing games to the extent that it gave me huge confidence to pick up my father's car keys one day and drove it off. This is exactly how I started driving and never went to any driving school.
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It can simulate the manner of driving, but it cannot enhance the real action. The best way to improve the driving skill is to use any vehicles available. 
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Well it will help you increase in control over staring and gears but some things you have to learn by real experience but now it's possible to learn driving as our technology have reach that level 
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