There are people that have fears for animals. Someone like me will never feel comfortable beside a dog while I enjoy having cats as pets. What animal do you have phobia for? 
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I had a phobia with snake and dogs, especially Askals because I was bitten twice by a dog when I was 11years old and 16 years of age.
I'm really sorry that you got bitten by a dog. That must have been a difficult experience. While I have been lucky not to have been bitten by a dog, I don't dare go near any at the moment. 
I'm petrified of spiders. I have no idea where this fear comes from, but I can't even be in the same room as one without freezing up.

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Nope! I don't see animal on earth I am having fear for. Maybe in the past when I was much younger but not now anymore. I remembered I used to have phobia for snake, which happens to be only animal that gives me shivers whenever I see, it either in the documentary or in the bush, because my siblings and I used to visit our home town almost every time. And when we do, we used to go bushy areas and if luckily we come across snakes it, did get to me.
I guess the phobia I have for snake is its creepy nature. I am talking about how it moves with its belly on the floor, coupled with its strange skin colour. Additionally, the fear even got more heightened with the way Bible described the animal on the account of how it deceived the first humans on earth causing them to sin.
This account alone got me freaked out to the bone by seeing snake as very dangerous animal that can cause serious harm if bitten by it. But today, I can confidently say that, I have no single fear for animals including snake, because I've come to realized that my God has given me dominion over all the animals on earth. And so, having phobia for any of them does not speak my faith.
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It is true that we shouldn't have fears for animals. I think that it is all about getting to feel confident when close to some animals as well. 
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I'm not even a huge lover of pets and animals. Some I like to see and be around while others I'm never getting close to. I can stand the chickens, rabbits, parrots and the likes. Those domestic ones and out of them, I can't be around cats and dogs.

I'm terrified of dogs especially the ones with tags. Stray dogs always seem calm and unbothered. The tagged ones however always look like they are ready to pounce one you. I'm not terrified of cats but I just don't like to be around them. I know it sounds weird but the look in their eyes seems strange.

Other than that, perhaps I would say wild animals since their first instinct when they meet you may be to attack. Although I haven't encountered one before and I'm really hoping not to at all.
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Even at this age, I am always afraid some animals such as dogs and goat. It is really embarrassing sometimes when I go out with people. 
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Actually, if I don't know other dogs, I have fears. I have fears or afraid of dogs that are strayed. I don't want to see them roaming around the streets because not all dogs are friendly. I don't like spiders and snakes. I will never have a pet like them. I cannot touch it and i will not try or attempt to touch even if a best of friend is making it as a pet. Other than that, besides worms, of course, who will pet a worms anyway, I am open to different kinds of animals. Even crocodile, I can pet it. I am open to having a pet some animals like birds and fish that I haven't tried to have. I love pets and I respect them. They balance the ecosystem. They teach us a lesson. It is hard to have a phobia to animals because you will always avoid them and they can be the reason of your anxiety.
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Just very similar to yours, I also have phobia for some animals which I don't really feel comfortable to see them not to even talk of having them close. I think the fear started from childhood or teenage age of mine where there are many dogs and cats around. So there is this mental sickness associated to dogs especially, that every time it occurs to a dog. It will never seize to bark at all the and most dangerous aspect is , it won't mind to pursue anybody and bite.
So on one unfaithful or rather unfortunate evening; I was coming back from somewhere with luggage on my head which was for my mom. I never knew or noticed the dog coming behind me until when it suddenly started barking. Alot of escaping strategies came to my mind. But I couldn't run fast till it attacked and bite me. I started hating dogs with greater detest since then.
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I have always been a fan of only cats and dogs which I know are humans friend than any other animal. Maybe because I grew up to have these two animals has pet I didn't have much problems liking them and I was always told to avoid snakes no matter how harmless it was or how tiny it was that it can be very harmful. So I grew up that knowledge and it automatically became a phobia. I so dislike those tiny and big reptiles because there are very dangerous and poisonous too. So I don't know about other creatures but I have huge phobia for snakes and other reptiles. They look so scary firstly and again even the tinniest of it doesn't spare any body.
There are some animals that I sometimes question it's creation because they're just scary and dangerous to humans.
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Yes. I have phobia for cats. It is called Ailurophobia. I am really afraid of cats when seeing it and while hearing it sounds. I vacated my rental house many time, due to this cat problem. 
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Yes I have phobia for many animal the type of animal I fear is wild animal but I do not fear a domestic animal because we are living together with domestic animal
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I have phobia of the snake and the things that are centipede like in nature. I prefer to avoid them because I just can't stand their presence. So you can say I have some sort of phobia of those type of the creatures. I guess animals have different impression on each one of us. 
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