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There is this saying that we develop by reading novels which is pretty cool. In recent times, I have been trying to read novels at least one per month. How often do you read novels? 
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I like reading a novel before but now I find it boring. We have many novel books but I don't read them. Maybe I should give it a try again
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I used to read 2-5 per week, back when I was still in middle school. Now, I'm too busy, so my rate is a lot closer to 1 per month.

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During my not so busy days, I read books. I love novels because it enriches my vocabulary and it even widen my imagination. I mostly buy hard copies of science fiction movies like Divergent, the Trilogy books and even the trilogy of Narnia. I have all novels of Harry Potter before but it was drown in flood after a strong typhoon hit our country. Some of the books i have at home are from not so popular author because I bought the books cheap. Good and best selling novels are sold expensively so I will wait till it get on Sale. And yes, I love reading novels and I read it from time to time. I make sure that when I buy a book, I will finish the story regardless if it is good or bad. I even share a review on my blog on how my reading was and I know I am helping some of the readers about the book.
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I also love to read novels a lot. There was a time when I was reading about one to two different novels at the same time. I have lots of hard copies and soft copies. There are times when I just feel like holding and reading the old traditional way. A sort of satisfaction I get.
I prefer soft copies when I travel long journeys. Reading novels is such a great way to keep company on the way and with soft copies, I don't have to worry about the extra load. I can have all I want using my handheld device.
These days, I don't get as much time as I used to hence I don't really read novels as I did before. Still, I have a really long list of books that I know I'm going to read. The thing about reading and how it captures your imagination is just something out of the ordinary.
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I read novel maybe once a month just like you.i had been reading novel right from high school because i wanted to learn new vocabularies and develop my reading skills too. So since then till now I still have a thing for reading novels especially interesting and exploring ones

Getting a good novel to read can be a great way to relax since it a fun thing to do and another good thing about reading a novel is that it can help keep one busy and lively especially on a very boring day.

I'm an advocate of a good novel reading for any one that will want to increase reading skills, learn new vocabularies, learn words, how the words are used and maybe the spellings too apart from the delight of reading a good novel whether for pleasure or not.
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I couldn't agree with you any less. Books are windows to the soul.

When it comes to novels, i am a freak. I don't think I can count the number of time I read novels in a month. Novels are something I find very attractive. I don't think I can actually pinpoint having any favorite genre. I find myself reading some interesting romance in the morning and in the evening, you could see me reading something on horror and adventure.

From the way I see it, there are plethora of good novels all over so why should I restrict myself in a particular genre? Anyone who is really serious about learning about the world around should pick up a novel. One will be amazed at the things going on out there. After eating Nigerian Jollof rice, reading novels is the next best thing I enjoy doing.

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