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As writers, we are always making contents for our use and for clients. There are some writers that have published works, are you part of those people? 

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I wish I did long time ago, but I lost my original copy. I like writing poem since I was a kid, it was my past time and I love doing it. In fact I made one notebook of writing short poem inspired by high school life, crushes, nature and friends. It wasn't perfect but I know it's something I wanted to keep. Someone accidentally read my poems and even told me to publish it but I doubt it will be accepted. Until I lost it one day, I never found it anywhere for constantly moving. I wish I did publish that one but too late now.
For now, I don't know how to write a poem anymore since it's been a long time already since I did. Writing is not just writing a homework because you have to meet the deadline, writing is special it's from the heart and your emotion is into it. Maybe that passion will come back one day but not now.
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I have two poems published in "Upon Arrival" anthologies, by Eber & Wein. I entered in several contests for a cash prize a couple years back, and they let all the finalists publish their pieces somewhere in the anthology series. The winner won $2000 or something. However, I really hope to publish my own book in the future - I'm an avid writer, and I've currently been working on a novel. I'm still deciding on whether or not I want to self-publish - publishing companies are sometimes expensive, and self-publishing might be more convenient.

I run a writing blog and a poetry instagram now, to try and grow my fanbase for the future. It's a work in progress, but I use it to practice my writing so I have a better chance of getting published again in the future.
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I have published some books on Amazon kindle. It's available on kindle. It feels good when you see your name on a book. Amazon gives revenue. 
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QI have a couple of poems that are in anthologies if poems by a variety of different poets. I hope one day to have even more of my writing out there.

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